You voted this guy as the best clubber in the entire country

Thousands of you voted, but there was only one winner

Every week this year, we’ve been bringing you the best clubbers in the country – so when we asked you to vote for your favourite, we expected something of a response.

And boy, what a response we got: over 4,600 of you voted to let us know who you thought should go home with the crown.

But, of course, there could only be one winner – and with almost 900 votes (over 300 more than second place), that winner was…

The guy who was pretending to hold a drink

Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, and others get photographed in a club looking like they’re holding a drink when there’s nothing there.

You might say it’s just a trick of the eye. You might say if you look closely, there’s actually a drink there. But you know what? Cherish the moment.

Guy who was pretending to hold a drink, we salute you – and if we ever see you out, we’ll buy a double vodka Red Bull to slot into that empty hand of yours.