Post-Election Solidarity Rally

A mass assembly has been organized in light of the US election. Be there.

The results of the US election have taken their toll on a lot of people. Needless to say the past 17 months have been an almost unparalleled time of division and strain for the American community that has been felt all over the world. The outcome of any US presidential election are also of paramount importance to the rest of the world, now in disbelief at the economic, diplomatic, and human consequences.

In the first twenty-four hours after the result, twitter showed us evidence of the abuse and cruelty that has just become permissible again in those United States. No doubt there are members of the McGill community who felt the election of Donald Trump to be president of the United States was the right decision, and their reasons are their own. We respect their right to their beliefs.

For everybody for whom this is an unacceptable outcome, whether you’re American or not, whether you are a member of an at-risk community or not, now is the chance to come and make your statement.


Photo courtesy of the McGill Tribune.

Daria Eisner and Caroline Johnson, in collaboration with SSMU, are organizing a peaceful assembly on campus, Wednesday at 5:30. This is not an outlet for anger, and especially not for violence. This is about solidarity and compassion and showing that we will not stand for the hatred that has been legitimized by the election results.

We welcome with open arms anyone who was heartbroken by the result of the American election.

If Donald Trump does not represent your views, and what you want to see in America or the world at large, then come prove it.

If Donald Trump is #Notmypresident, come show everyone who’ll be watching.

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