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Toby Moore
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Liverpool students have started a campaign to rename halls because of links to slavery sympathiser

There are calls for the name of Liverpool-born ex-PM William Gladstone to be removed

There is a petition for the Liverpool Guild to sell white poppies rather than ‘inappropriate’ red poppies

It suggests the Guild should not make a political commentary on war

A massive ball pit with endless prosecco is coming to Liverpool

You can stay in it for up to twelve hours

You can get free Greggs in Liverpool RIGHT NOW


The Guild have deemed gender balance in Student Officer elections ‘unlawful’

The guild presidential team is currently made up of entirely men

There are two more days of Arriva strikes next week

There will be another two day strike after this

BREAKING: AU Nights will not take place at the Guild for the ‘foreseeable future’

The Guild have ended it due to behaviour

Matt Devitt is your BNOC of the year 2017

It has been a long process

UPDATE: LOST oversold tickets for last night’s Halloween event

Confirmation of why the event got shut down last night

EXCLUSIVE: LOST at Camp and Furnace shut down last night after crowds rush the venue

Police shut down the event around midnight

My clubbers of the week brings all the boys to the yard

Damn right, it’s better than yours

VOTE NOW: The final Liverpool BNOC of the Year

It’s time to decide

BREAKING: Gemma Collins is coming to Level

Shut Upppppppp, there’s also the chance to win a booth with Gemma!?

VOTE NOW: Heat 3 Liverpool BNOC of the year

It’s came to cast your votes

VOTE NOW: Heat 2 Liverpool BNOC of the year

It’s time to cast your votes

VOTE NOW: Heat 1 Liverpool BNOC of the year

Time to cast your votes

So what we get drunk, so what we’re clubbers of the week

We’re just having fun, we don’t care who sees

Nominations are open for Liverpool’s BNOC of the year 2017

Do you know who I am?

The Beast from The Chase is coming to Level

Concert Square, the chase is on

Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were clubbers of the week on Wednesday

And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little clubbers of the week

My mind is tellin’ me nooooooooo

The definitive A-Z guide to being a University of Liverpool student

L is for La

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ edition

We’re back

University of Liverpool beats LJMU in Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018

Even Hope were ranked above JMU

Bongo’s Bingo is looking for a new host and the salary is £50,000 a year

It could be you

Join The Tab Liverpool this semester

You know you want to

There is going to be an anti-fascist demonstration in Liverpool tonight

It’s taking place at St. George’s Hall

UoL only awarded bronze as LJMU secure a gold in TEF Rankings

Oh dear

Liverpool drops 16 places in QS World University Rankings

We’re now 173rd

Anfield is the third most Instagrammed attraction in the country

Don’t worry about the league tables, at least we’ve got this

Which meme is your Liverpool fresher hall?

Just in case you were wondering, which you obviously were

There’s no Smithdown in Sydney: Expectations vs. reality of your semester abroad

Sorry, but it’s not all trips to Fiji

The newly elected all-male Guild team is not a problem

When the voter turnout is 20% the real question is: who cares?

All the questions we have for the 699

Will you ever not be full?

Sure, we’ve lost a few clubs, but is there anything more classic than a night out in Norwich?

Anyone remember Hideout?

Everything you’ll do when your parents visit you in Liverpool

They probably won’t enjoy a night at LEVEL

A definitive guide of where not to revise this exam fortnight

No studying is done in SJ social study

BREAKING: Juicy is back

And it’s in the Shipping Forecast

Secret santa is the Christmas tradition we could all do without

Is a Dove bath set alright?

The ultimate Liverpool Advent Calendar

You’re all invited to Jay-Z’s birthday party

The struggles of dating a cat obsessed person

You’ll never mean as much to them as their feline friend

There’s been a second assault on UoL Campus

The university are offering a chaperone service to students and staff

A mid-deadline ode to the Sydney Jones Tesco

Who else can save you now?

Clubbers of the week

Because nothing says Christmas is coming like a cheap double vodka red bull

Vote now: the worst buildings on UoL campus

They probably didn’t show you these on your open day

UoL societies you didn’t know existed

Anyone can start a society, just so you know

What your choice of Liverpool taxi company says about you

Classic Delta Legend or Uber princess?

All the questions you ask yourself when you live on Smithdown

What am I doing?

This Liverpool student is setting up a new ‘mini music festival’ at Heebies

It’s going to be the last Friday of every month

We worked out the price of your Liverpool degree per lecture

We’re all being ripped off

Liverpool student drunkenly uploaded a Snapchat photo for his NUS card

And he gets away with it

Shrek is coming to St George’s Hall this Christmas

The Penguins from Madagascar will be there too

Liverpool student letting agencies need to up their game

Just because we’re students doesn’t mean we want to live like pigs

Get a prize from The Guild if you vote for Student Officer


Norwich is the glorious underdog of the UK

Admit it, we all want to take on the legacy of puppet man as the pride of Norwich