Harriet Wadey

Harriet Wadey
Cambridge University


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Petition launched to stop Cambridge Uni’s planned partnership with United Arab Emirates

The petition expresses alarm that Cambridge, ‘it seems, is more than willing to sell its soul for UAE’s dirty money’

University of Cambridge accused of planning unethical deal with United Arab Emirates

‘It would be shameful if the University of Cambridge were willing to be used in this way’

Petition to ‘keep access to the river at Grantchester Meadows open to all’ has over 17,000 signatures

The petition was created in response to King’s College’s recent decision to ban swimming and boating in the river there

Cambridge student and period poverty activist Amika George almost rejected her MBE

She had doubts about the connection of the honours system to ‘the atrocities of British imperialism’

Cambridge revealed as the top UK city for bike theft

Cambridge has, on average, 10.4 more bikes stolen per 1000 than Oxford

Peterhouse Master accused of Covid ‘hypocrisy’ over private visit at her Master’s Lodge

The Master had a guest stay at her house, while Peterhouse students have been banned from having indoor visits from external guests under Covid rules

BREAKING: Girton College announces new accommodation block to be built on the Cindies site

Girton hopes to keep the integrity of the club alive

Private school intake at Oxbridge is rapidly decreasing, new research shows

‘The reality is that there are groups at Cambridge that are massively over-represented’