Hannah Tomes
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There’s a Louis Theroux themed club night coming to Sheffield

They’ll even be giving out Louis t-shirts

‘I think Give It A Go and Social Sport are really important for improving inclusivity’: An interview with Sarah Dewhirst

She’s running to be your next Sports Officer

There’s a brand new night coming to the Union

Leadmill eat your heart out

Revealed: The most unhygienic takeaways in Sheffield

This will put you off your cheesy chips

BNOC of the Year 2017: Where is she now?

She’s been kicked out of WSL three times this year

How to make the most of uni by someone who’s done it all before

Because there’s more to being a student than just getting on the sesh

All the dumb things people say when you’re a woman who doesn’t want children

I’m in my twenties let me live

I put gravy on absolutely everything for a week and fuck northerners this is absolutely disgusting

Not for the faint hearted

Meet Reece Parker, your new Gryphon editor

He celebrated with a curry

Can we all stop pretending to like Elf, it’s the worst Christmas film ever

Take Will Ferrell out of the elf costume, and you’re left with a permed man-child

If you don’t reference as you write your essay, you’re an idiot

It will ruin your life

Literally where would we be without Hyde Park Sainsbury’s Local?

Gutted if you live in Woodhouse

‘I wish I could abort my government’: We spoke to one of the activists at Poland’s abortion protest

‘I can’t believe we still have to fight for this shit’

Introducing the All Woman Project, championing a diversity revolution in fashion

We spoke to the models behind the explosive campaign

Who is CJ de Mooi, the former Egghead arrested over alleged ‘killing’?

He changed his name to de Mooi which means ‘the beautiful’ in Dutch

I asked friends from all over the world what they think of British people

‘Maybe drink a little bit less or just try not to get wasted?’

26.2 thoughts you have when you run a marathon with very little or no training

All the gear and no idea

Why everybody should do a year abroad in Italy

Pizza is love, pizza is life

What it’s like to be brought up by your grandparents

It’s not all about the Werther’s Originals

The hidden bars in York you need to drink in

Bet you didn’t realise these were here