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Caroline claims to not believe in astrology, but secretly consults her horoscope every time she wants a haircut like a typical Cancer. When she's not babe's go-to for news write-ups and Twitter takedowns or getting kicked off Tinder, she's busy drinking blue Gatorade (only the blue kind) and making other…
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Instagram now tells people when you screenshot, so just throw away your whole damn phone

Who thought this was a good idea!?

This girl suggested a hypothetical ‘day without men,’ and people on Twitter are spiraling


Here’s how celebrities spent Christmas, you broke-ass bitch

Money CAN buy happiness

Wait…guys…is Santa hot?

‘Come sit in my lap’

The rules of 2019 have already been decided and there’s nothing we can do about it

People are already mad

Ariana’s new song is filled with references to Mac Miller and now my heart is broken

Fans are freaking out

How to curate your Insta feed so it’s the perfect mix of thotty and employable

For your boss and your crush

The Instagram influencers have officially gone too far

Is nothing sacred??!

How to casually flex on everyone while you’re home for the holidays

Too bad they peaked early

We texted our one-night stands to ask when we could exchange Christmas gifts and things got MESSY ?

They were *not* excited to hear from us

Yes, it’s possible: Here’s how to stay friends with your exes

Don’t be That Couple

Here’s how to backtrack after sending a risky (maybe drunk) text

It was bound to happen

Today’s the anniversary of Taylor Swift and Karlie definitely maybe almost certainly making out!

I forgot how much I love this video

One year later, Lauren Atkins’ story inspired legislation, national conversations about consent, and hundreds of girls to speak out

It started with the screenshots

‘Yoga Skin’ is the new skincare trend I want zero part of ??

2019 is already awful

If you absolutely MUST text after the first date, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it

Do you want a second date, or nah?

How to make someone notice you…even if they don’t know your name

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT be creepy

How to flex on your ex this Thanksgiving, because that’s what the holidays are for

The meal is an add-on

It sure looks like Kim Kardashian just photoshopped her daughter to look thinner

It’s not even subtle!!

Your weekly horoscopes are here, and Sagittarius season will be unique for all the signs

Here’s what you need to know

ATTENTION: Halsey really wants you to know she has Ariana Grande’s phone number

Why is she like this?

Do the Kardashians have…a cockroach problem? ?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Fellas, if she invites you to Thanksgiving dinner, you know you’re not actually her boyfriend, right?

I cannot believe I have to say this

Ariana just chopped off all her ‘hair,’ and if she’s anything like me, I hope she’s okay

Is this a cry for help? Or just a new lewk?

How to avoid drinking when every single date revolves around nothing but alcohol

Get ready for real emotions!!

How soon is too soon to say ‘I love you,’ and other things you’re definitely stressing over

There are rules, people

What the person he dated before you says about your current relationship

Issa fling

People are dragging Kendall, Bella and Gigi to hell and back for their runway walks at the Victoria’s Secret show

Nepotism gang skrong

How to move past those first-time-hookup nerves

It’s easier than you’d think tbh

Let’s all follow Bella Hadid’s guide to winning back your ex

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Beto lost last night, so really, we all lost

This is heartbreaking

Your everything guide to first dates, because those things are scary as fuck

Trust me, I’ve been on ten thousand

Can people #resist the urge to post sexy Election Day thirst traps?

#Vote, but make it fashion

How to define the relationship, since you know they won’t do it first

Make them think it was their idea

Everyone is convinced this is an ENTIRE ALBUM of unreleased Ariana music!!!?!

‘Cadillac’ is better than ‘Thank U, Next’ don’t @ me

This is why you only start picking up on someone’s bullshit AFTER you’ve broken up

Your BS detector is broken

How to avoid ‘catching feelings’ while hooking up, because nobody has time for that

Never be the one to fall first

So he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship…and then started dating someone else

Here’s what you do

Here’s every important day for every zodiac sign this month — you’re welcome

We love a new month

All of the best celebrity costumes, because anything is possible when you’re rich and famous

Halloween is becoming work

Q&A: How to actually get over your ex, and in a hurry

Yes, it’s all a game

Fuck a costume, the new wave is painting your entire ass with spooky glitter

Twerk or treat

How to slide into his DMs without seeming like you care too much

Of course you care

Someone made an entire Cuffing Season map so if you’re alone in life, just blame geography

Don’t shoot the messenger

Bella Hadid is telling her friends she’s ‘unofficially engaged,’ which means…she’s not engaged

Honey, noooo

Halsey is so desperate to win Gerald Eazy back, it’s actually depressing ?

Look at what she did!

Ariana Grande reportedly had to change her locks to keep Pete Davidson out

I thought you out my life, look at my mind!

This bride admitted to purposefully making her bridesmaids fatter so she could look better in photos

She gave them special ‘slimming’ smoothies

Ladies, who’s depressed!? Have you tried…taking a bath?


Scorpio season, the season of death, is upon us so prepare for loss and transformation

Our souls are evolving

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this horribly spooky dating trend

The haunting remains of a non-relationship

QUIZ: Make a couple of predictions and we’ll tell you if you’re like, psychic

Your fate is in our hands

The men of Twitter are complaining about how hard it is to live life as a man and…I have to laugh!

They’re being genuine

Dating dudes over 6 ft is a waste of time — we’re taking short kings for a ride now

We can finally big spoon

Girls are posting their cuffing season resumes on Twitter, and they are STACKED

‘Massive tits you can play with’

This squirrel’s giant titties belong on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway

She’s even pushing them together, what a thot

Meghan Markle revealed her pregnancy in the bitchiest way possible

Snake princess

QUIZ: You now get to decide Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby name

Choose wisely

A bunch of sick fucks are trying to exploit Mac Miller’s death for cash

There is only one official fundraiser

Harry Styles got the world’s most perfect nose job, and I can prove it

But when will he rearrange my face?

Selena Gomez hospitalized and receiving mental health treatment after ’emotional breakdown’

She tried ripping the IVs out of her arm

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Donald Trump is more scared of Taylor Swift fans than he is of nuclear war

He will die by their hands

Taylor Swift now publicly supports the Democratic Party

Convenient timing if you ask me…

‘I’ll text you’ is the death kiss of first dates, and anything anyone else tells you is a lie

The three day rule is a sham

Venus, planet of love, is in retrograde and that means we’re all getting dumped

Death and rebirth, girls

Your weekly horoscopes say everyone’s feeling particularly rebellious this week

Here’s what to expect

Your weekly horoscope includes an unexpected, major change thanks to Mars in retrograde

Here’s what your sign needs to know

Good morning! G-Eazy dumped Halsey for Demi Lovato!

I can’t tell if this is an upgrade or a downgrade

Bella Hadid got into a big Instagram fight over the plastic surgery she’s ~DEFINITELY~ never had

‘Jealousy is a cry for help’

Selena says she never wanted The Weeknd’s musty, old, infected kidney anyway!!!!

Dried out crusty boy

Bella Hadid is completely unfazed by The Weeknd’s new song about her, which is actually really shocking

And kind of embarrassing for him

People are sharing all of the reasons celebs have blocked them on Twitter, and I actually just pissed myself from laughing

I told Selena Gomez ‘Got a new Kidney and don’t know how to act?’

What Gigi just did to Zayn proves the Hadid girls have literally NO self-respect

I can’t even watch anymore

The Weeknd’s new song is about how he was going to give Selena Gomez his KIDNEY before she left him in the dust

‘I helped you out of a broken place’

People think Bella Hadid is the reason Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are splitting up

Would be the hottest love triangle, tbf

Mariah Carey shoving her tiny son out of the way to get a good birthday Instagram is me as a mom


Here’s how to make sure you don’t see your musty old Tinder exes on LinkedIn

Stay in your OWN app!

People actually think teenage gymnasts are sexually assaulted because they wear leotards

They’re assaulted because Larry Nassar is a pedophile, you morons

We know who really bit Beyoncé’s face >:)

And we’re telling!!

Kim just completely ripped off Kylie’s eyeshadow palette and is trying to pass it off as her own

She just moved the colors around!!!!

Chrissy Teigen just put the final nail in Snapchat’s coffin, losing them $100 million with a single tweet

This is almost as bad as Kylie

Ed Westwick just deleted all of his social media posts denying rape allegations

‘I certainly have never committed rape’

From ponytails to chicken nuggets, this is Bella Hadid’s guide to looking perfect for every party

‘We’re only eating tiny foods’

People are blaming Perrie Edwards for Zayn Malik’s split with Gigi Hadid

‘Low-key think they will get back together’

What Justin just did to Selena proves he’s actually the biggest fuckboy on Earth

This is textbook, y’all

JK Rowling just liked some very transphobic tweets, and then blamed it on being ‘clumsy and old’

‘Trans women have no right to take women’s place in politics’

These celebrities’ first Instagram posts are just as embarrassing as yours

Selena was the worst

Bella Hadid talking about being ‘chubby’ as a teenager is just . . . well, come look at this

‘I had more insecurities than anybody’

‘He beat me to the point of vomiting’: Trey Songz’s accuser detailed the brutal attack she says left her with a concussion and PTSD

‘He destroyed my phone so I couldn’t call anyone’

Harry Styles just came out as bisexual and everyone on Twitter is hyperventilating


Gigi just posted the most heartbreaking message about her breakup with Zayn, and it looks like he dumped her

‘What’s meant to be will always be’

Snapchat actually ran a disgusting ad in which users can physically abuse Rihanna

The update isn’t the only thing that’s messed up

Your weekly horoscopes are here and if you’re feeling anxious, blame it on the moon

It all ends Saturday

‘Stranger Things’ creators are accused of abusing and threatening women on-set

‘There were threats and people were forced to quit’

Taylor Swift’s friends just said they hate her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

‘She’s gone off-grid’

Your weekly horoscopes are here, and things are heating up for the first time in months

It’s been a long, dry winter

ASOS is selling a bathing suit that ‘can’t be worn in water’ and people are ACTUALLY buying it

What’s that phrase about a sucker being born every minute?

We asked girls for their most horrifying, embarrassing and a little bit sexy nude disasters

‘I accidentally sent it to my dad’

‘Girl With No Job’ is trying to cover up all of her old, EXTREMELY racist tweets


People are flipping out on Khloé Kardashian for . . . holding her baby bump?

I am just as confused

This Instagram account is calling out every celeb’s horrible Photoshop fails

The influencers are even worse