Caroline Phinney
Caroline Phinney
Associate Editor

Caroline claims to not believe in astrology, but secretly consults her horoscope every time she wants a haircut like a typical Cancer. When she's not babe's go-to for news write-ups and Twitter takedowns or getting kicked off Tinder, she's busy drinking blue Gatorade (only the blue kind) and making other people take fake candids of her on rooftops.

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We made it out alive

The heartbreaking truth about Mercury Retrograde is that it’s as close to closure as we’ll ever get

And that’s why we need it

Kylie is apparently helping Tyga AND Rob take Blac Chyna’s kids away from her

I’m kind of into mom drama now

This girl was fat-shamed at a bakery, so she got revenge by buying every! last! cupcake!

Taylor Swift is shaking

Bella Hadid got into a big Instagram fight over the plastic surgery she’s ~DEFINITELY~ never had

‘Jealousy is a cry for help’

Selena says she never wanted The Weeknd’s musty, old, infected kidney anyway!!!!

Dried out crusty boy

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April goals > March goals

People are sharing all of the reasons celebs have blocked them on Twitter, and I actually just pissed myself from laughing

I told Selena Gomez ‘Got a new Kidney and don’t know how to act?’

What Gigi just did to Zayn proves the Hadid girls have literally NO self-respect

I can’t even watch anymore

Stormi is getting a sibling, and we really hope it’s a baby boy!

This baby gonna be Time’s Person of the Year

The Weeknd’s new song is about how he was going to give Selena Gomez his KIDNEY before she left him in the dust

‘I helped you out of a broken place’

Mariah Carey shoving her tiny son out of the way to get a good birthday Instagram is me as a mom


Here’s how to make sure you don’t see your musty old Tinder exes on LinkedIn

Stay in your OWN app!

People actually think teenage gymnasts are sexually assaulted because they wear leotards

They’re assaulted because Larry Nassar is a pedophile, you morons

We know who really bit Beyoncé’s face >:)

And we’re telling!!