Amber Callahan
Deputy Editor of The Tab Rutgers

Rutgers mourns the loss of honors student

‘Max was an inspiration during his too short life’

The best graduation caps RU’s Class of 2017 has to offer

Getting in one last laugh before facing the biggest RU Screw yet

Rutgers wide receiver Carlton Agudosi to be signed by the Arizona Cardinals

Agudosi has agreed to a free-agent deal with the Cardinals

Rutgers paid ‘Big & Rich’ $100,000 to perform at this years’ Spring Football game

The turnout was actually pretty horrible

Rutgers track is set to win big at the 123rd Penn Relays

Rutgers has a chance at taking home three of this weekend’s biggest wins

Two men were arrested for transporting $500,000 worth of high-grade marijuana to Rutgers

The men conspired to transport over 80 pounds of high-grade marijuana from South Whitehall Township to New Brunswick

The Tab Rutgers needs a new Social Media Editor

And we want some reporters too

Rutgers to build brand new Athletic Performance Center

The RWJBarnabas Health Athletic Performance Center will house facilities for the Rutgers basketball, wrestling and gymnastics teams

RU student hit by RUPD car while crossing the street

The victim has not been identified yet

Piscataway man dies after jumping off Rockoff Hall’s parking deck

It is still unknown whether the man was affiliated with Rutgers

Rutgers is the second most sexually active campus in America

RU screwin’ our way to the top

The Scarlet Pub is officially Rutgers’ best bar

From $2 Tuesdays to WCW, the Scarlet Pub is officially your number 1

BREAKING: NJ legend Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band is the 2017 commencement speaker

James Gandolfini would be proud

How has a woman with no public education experience ended up as Education Secretary?

She’s never taken out a student loan

The Tab Rutgers is looking for new writers

Come be a part of the global media franchise that reaches 8 million people every month

Getting ready for a night out using only Instagram beauty hacks

I will never look at kitchen utensils the same way again

Rutgers students are boycotting the football games until ‘The Alley’ is reopened

PSA: Never take away a college kid’s tailgate

Rutgers officials shut down Davidson Hall

After years of student complaints, Rutgers is finally shutting down Davidson Hall

Ladies, never lower your standards for a man

Don’t let a man’s mistreatment define the way you should always be treated

Ladies, never lower your standards for a man

Don’t let a man’s mistreatment define the way you should always be treated