REVEALED: OUCA’s secret dining society

....where members refer to each other as ex-colonies of the British Empire

Members of the ‘Viceroys’, a secret Oxford drinking society with strong ties to the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA), have been using the names of former British colonies as pseudonyms.

In emails obtained by The Tab Oxford, the Viceroys refer to themselves as ‘India’, ‘Canada’, ‘Australia’ and ‘Ireland’, for the President, Secretary, Social Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The society's symbol

The society’s symbol

The emails reveal a list of people named as recipients of a Viceroys invitation, which refers to the recipients as ‘Members’. The names are:

Andrew North (Chemistry, New College)
• Frederick de Fossard (History, Magdalen)
 George Mawhinney (Law, Oriel)
• James Heywood (PPE, Magdalen)
• Oliver Johnson (History, Exeter)
• Robert Greig (PPE, Magdalen)

The all-male recipients of the Viceroys email include the current OUCA President (Greig), its Secretary (Heywood) and OUCA ex-President (Mawhinney), as well as four other members of the Association.

The emails show how the Viceroys dine together on anniversaries of significant moments in Medieval British history including St Crispin’s Day, St George’s Day, the anniversary of Charles I’s death, and the Queen’s birthday, as well as a ‘Michaelmas Banquet’.

One email entitled ‘Canada’ states: “It is my great pleasure to remind you all of our dinner on St Crispin’s Day, that soundest of feats….we shall remember when Prince Hal put to flight the ancient enemy on the field of Agincourt on the 25th of October 1415.”

The email later describes how the dinner was “arranged by our esteemed officers; India, Ireland and Australia.”

For the ‘Trafalgar dinner’, Canada also writes: “We are meeting at 6:30 at Malmaison, a particularly fine establishment. The dress code will be white tie, and we ask that you wear you club bow ties.”

When contacted by The Tab, Rob Greig said: “This society is separate from OUCA and there is no evidence that any social society has any influence in the Association.”

One former member said: “I left the club many terms ago because I was not interested in being a member of a formal dining society. I was a member only for a very short time, but decided that membership wasn’t for me.”

The others named in the emails did not respond to The Tab when asked for comment.

An invitation to join the society

An invitation to join the society

The revelation comes as OUCA attempts to repair its chequered reputation, having twice lost university affiliation in recent years. In June 2009, OUCA had to drop the word ‘university’ from its title after an incident in which racist jokes were told at a hustings.

  • What?!?!?

    This wasn’t secret!

    • Orme Clarke

      Orme Clarke

    • Get a life, Goulding

      And the award for biggest non-story of the year goes to…

      I mean, really- a bunch of mates having dinner together with a few in-jokes? Fuck me. Stop the presses.

  • P. Ivanova

    Classic Tory wankers, pissing on everyone’s attempts to actually help Oxford’s image.

    • Anonymous

      I always love that attitude of “do what you like so long as it doesn’t upset our delicate sensibilities”.

      Freedom of expression, and all that.

      • Anonymous

        You can do whatever you want! But everyone else is still allowed to judge you for it.

        Loving the idea that any of these pricks feel victimised.

        • Anonymous

          Because they’re being ever so harmful dressing up like this. Oh the humanity.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think it’s the dressing up, it was the fetishisation of the Empire and schoolboy silliness of having a secret all-white club for it.

            • Oh really…

              Fetishisation of Empire?

              Ah yes. I missed the bit on the invitation where it says “Bring your kinkiest S&M gear and NO BLACKS ALLOWED!”

              Honestly. Put your faked liberal outrage to rest for once; try working with the facts for a change. This looks like a light hearted British-history themed club. Having a positive view of the British Empire is very different from fetishising it (indeed it is a very common view among Brits), and not having any ethnic minority members doesn’t make it “all-white”, it might just be that this particular small friendship group doesn’t have any ethnic minority members because, you know, c.80% of Oxford students are white. The Oxford Revue doesn’t have any ethnic minority members and I don’t hear you calling them all-white…

              • Corrections

                I absolutely love having viceroys argue with me about why this story is bad for people in this weird little boys’ club. Most normal people would be a little bit more concerned about the implications this would have for OUCA and Oxford’s reputation, rather than insisting this is about “history” not drinking and feeling superior to everyone else. Why don’t you put a description of the club and your role in it on your CV and we’ll see who’s right about this?

                At least you got some use out of your white tie, I suppose. Tails are expensive.

                • Oh dear oh dear…

                  Ah, the old “you don’t agree with me therefore you must have a vested interest/ be one of them” approach- it’s good to see that some people’s self-righteous arrogance is so strong they’ll retreat into petty denial and mud-slinging when confronted by someone who doesn’t agree with their pretensions of piety.

              • Voice of reason

                I call bullshit on the above post being an innocent Tab comment. Clearly written by one of the Viceroy’s. Maybe India, or Canada … losers.

              • Anonymous

                Because a non white person would REALLY feel at home in a society full of Empire-lovers celebrating the ‘good old days’, when whites reigned supreme…..

                • Actually…

                  Clearly showing your utter ignorance of Imperial history and modern opinion on the Empire. One of the reasons the British were so successful at imperialism was because they trained native people to assist in the ruling- I have a friend who has just signed a book deal to write on the anglo-indian class during the Raj. You should read it when it comes out. Furthermore many citizens of former British colonies have very positive views of their imperial history (one 2011 poll showed that 60% of Jamaicans thought the island would be better off if it had remained a British colony, only 17% thought it would be worse off)- The British Empire’s legacy is a matter of international historical debate with opponents and supporters in multiple races. To say supporting the British Empire is racist is reductive, patronisingly simplistic and in itself racist, because it says that non-white people aren’t allowed to formulate their own opinion on their history and have no choice but to oppose the empire. I’m not saying that the empire was 100% brilliant, but it is a lot more complicated than your simplistic self-righteous seems to allow for and yes, there are many members of ethnic minorities who would feel at home with a bunch of “empire lovers”

            • Femmebot

              It’s funnier that, looking at the list, there are apparently no women that want to hang out with them.

            • Corrections

              Except it wasn’t an all white club, because Zachary Spiro (Biochemistry, Oriel) was a paying member for about a year, and he’s Asian (half-Singaporean to be precise). The only reason he’s not listed here, and the reason his name is blacked out on the invite, is because he was the one who ran to the press with this story because he wanted to do a hatchet job on his political opponents. Same reason he was mysteriously appointed Deputy News Editor of the Oxford Tab the same day this story came out. It’s incredibly petty.

      • anon

        Do what you like! Everyone can still judge you for it.

  • George O

    top lads

  • S 4 L
  • Amelia Hamer

    Can I be Australia?

    • Cai Gwyn Wilshaw

      Sorry, this is real sexism at work.

  • Corrections

    “Not interested in being a member of a dining society” – not bothered by the racist overtones of the society then, just doesn’t like eating?

  • Frosty old England

    Only if I can dominate you

  • Frosty the Snowman

    Sorry Amelia #onlyboysallowed

  • Boyer & Jowitt

    This is just going too far…#sickened

  • RO of the Union MT’13

    I hope my mother doesn’t find out about this o_____O

  • Joe Miles

    Best thing I have ever read on the Tab, ever. Well done guys.

  • The funny thing is…

    Looking at their Facebook accounts, less than half went to private school – so maybe this is a tounge-in-cheek jibe at the public perception of ‘post Oxford snobs’?

    • Corrections


      Wow. Poor viceroy damage control over here.

      • Anonymous

        There’s no way these guys could possibly be self-aware! That would stop me being allowed to poke fun at them, and that just isn’t fair!

    • Almost as libellous as that twat Miles

      OR it’s a reflection of just how insecure this bunch of virginal grammar school boys are…

      • Voice of reason

        10 points to gryffindor

  • John Hintze

    If I’d become President, none of this would have happened. You fools only have yourself to blame.

  • Scoop of the Millenium


  • Prince Charles

    It is nice to see them all named and shamed for their odious and chauvinistic views. Finally, the Tab does something right.

  • Joe Cooke

    This is the candidate I supported for OUCA President, George Mahwinney. #ManOfThePeople. #NeverHypocritical

  • Tom Rutland

    Isn’t one of those guys also in that cringe documentary? The height of embarassment.

  • Concerned@Tab

    I must say I find it a little concerning, and a rather damning inditement of the Tab’s approach to journalism, that you have mentioned Jack Moore in this article, who left the Viceroys over a year ago, and yet you have neglected to mention anything about the membership of your new Deputy News Editor, who only left the society in June of this year. If you’re going to start attacking the private actions of private individuals for no other reason than the sneering enjoyment of leering spectators – something I thought was more the purview of the Daily Mail – then at least have the common decency to do so without disgracefully shielding your own associates.

  • Ex-ouca

    Just sad…

  • Chris Frost


  • Ladford

    #Bradford #for #President

  • Hello James Price,

    Still bitter/ in denial that you got your arse kicked in that Presidential election you ran for when Jack was RO and that there is no evidence anywhere to substantiate your claims that he rigged it and you didn’t lose because everyone hated you?

    • Anon

      Hello George!

    • Anonymous

      OUCA and its hypocritical systems have tried to bully sound female representatives into submission for too long.

      Viva meredith beckwith,,, everyone at magdalen appreciates a bit of chauivinosm.

    • Anon

      Hi Jack!

  • KONY


  • Richard Black

    People are taking this far too seriously.

    They are hardly glorifying slavery, the Mutiny, Boer camps, Bloody Sunday etc. They wear white tie and call themselves different colonies/ dominions. Is that really so offensive?

    A silly eccentric dining society? Who gives. This is a complete non-story which the most of us couldn’t give a toss about.

    • Lawyer2B

      Finally, someone with a totally impartial opinion on the whole thing… oh wait, scrap that one, it’s Richard Black.

  • Anon

    another wannabe beta-male circle jerk. They can’t even grow the proper moustache (see Hunter Van Pelt in Jumanji).

  • Abbas Kazmi

    These lads are all welcome at my table in Camera any time.

    • Chris Starkey

      ^Thought we were de-frosting camera of gimpy OUCA people – they won’t be allowed in – no gimps allowed

      • Corrections

        Chris Starkey is an OUCA man, you tool- 0/10 points for research. If you’re going to impersonate someone know what you’re talking about first.

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    India, the jewel in the crown of the British Empire!

  • Christopher Ewart Frost

    Isn’t this all jolly good fun? The way my luck is going this week, I might get an invite to this white-tie club so I can do shit there too.

  • Sachary Zpiro

    Hey guys! I’m the deputy editor of the Tab, and just wanted to inform you all that I definitely didn’t just leave this society in June, and am definitely not publishing this now as petty revenge for getting kicked out of a certain Conservative Association for electoral malpractice and blackmail!

    • Someone who can read

      Isn’t he the Deputy News Editor?
      And wasn’t he kicked out for going to the press, not blackmail or electoral malpractice?

      • Sachary Zpiro

        Electoral malpractice and blackmailing with the threat of going to the press.

        • Someone who can read

          Where does it say that?
          The DC report says ‘contacting the press with baseless allegations serving to bring the Association into disrepute’.

      • Anon

        For going to the press with this story, in fact. And to demonstrate that the Viceroys have influence within OUCA and are aware of how their club would be perceived the disciplinary report states that he was suspended because he ‘contacted the press in order to make baseless allegations that may serve to bring the Association into disrepute’

        • I imagine the above must be Zac& co.

          Actually it was for going to the press with a entire raft of allegations that were completely made up, thus the reference to “baseless allegations”, and thus the fact that the press didn’t print anything he went to them with. Think about it. If he’d have gone to the press with allegations bad enough to get him thrown out of OUCA, the press would have run them in a heartbeat if they were in any way true. He was thrown out several months ago, not last week.

          • Anonymous

            So it wasn’t for blackmail or electoral malpractice then?

          • I imagine the above must be Rob & Co.

            V subtle!

          • Anonymous

            But he only just became Deputy New Editor last week, didn’t he? Coincidence?

    • What A Strange Comment

      Zachary Spiro was removed by the Viceroys for attempting to print this article …about the Viceroys. If you’re looking for electoral malpractice and blackmail, I can put you in contact with the current President.

      • Yet More Spiro Propaganda…

        If Zac Spiro was removed from OUCA by the Viceroys, then why did the Disciplinary Committee, which included his friends and resolute non-Viceroys, vote unanimously to kick him out? Your suggestion he was “removed by the Viceroys” simply doesn’t stand up to the facts. And if he was removed for trying to print this article, then why was this article printed 3 months after he was removed? Don’t you think if he was kicked out for going to the press with this article it would have been run at the time instead of 3 months later? He was kicked out for going to the press with completely made up slander because he desperately wanted to smear people he didn’t like.

        • Viceroy Propaganda

          Is this a member of that disciplinary panel? It certainly sounds like it. I do wonder where OUCA’s press statement on all this is. Can we ask questions?

        • Viceroy Propaganda

          The other thing bothering me here: what made-up slander? If this be the article, it seems pretty well-substantiated. Can you re-run a disciplinary hearing? Or are you lot not just arrogant, naive twits and something more sinister happened? It’s dodgy that he’s been removed for going to the newspapers about something like this.

          • Learn to read, dumbass.

            The whole point of my comment was that this is clearly not the article that he went to the press with and was kicked out for.

        • Anon

          Except you do know the Viceroys control half the DC don’t you?

      • Anonymous

        Hiya Zach.

  • Jabra

    Willing to bet 95% of these comments are by:

    • Andrew North (Chemistry, New College)
    • Frederick de Fossard (History, Magdalen)
    • George Mawhinney (Law, Oriel)
    • Jack Moore (History & Politics, Brasenose)
    • James Heywood (PPE, Magdalen)
    • Oliver Johnson (History, Exeter)
    • Robert Greig (PPE, Magdalen)

    • Anonymous

      They must be going through loads of proxies to get all those upvotes as well.

  • insider

    i heard they sing this song at every banquet

  • anon

    Glad none of you will ever get near the real conservative party. Toxic bunch of tosspots and wannabes.

    • Another OUCA Member

      They’re in a dining society; how in Hell will that inherently stop them getting on the front bench?

  • Jamie Hayward

    Hey guys! Just to let you know I’m running for President next term and there’s nothing you lot can do to prevent another Viceroy becoming President. Long live the Viceroys!!!!! Praise to India and the King Emperor!!!!!

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