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Professor offers extra credit to any student who can get him blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Easiest assignment ever

There is no sex trafficking Bible group trying to kidnap you from campus, it’s just a Korean church

The PSAs circulated are completely untrue

Everyone you’ll ever meet in the Ivy League and where you can find them

Tag yourself ???

Women are more addicted to their phones than men, says totally unsurprising research

From now on I’m using this as an excuse for why he won’t text back

Cell phones are the biggest non-drug addiction for college students, says study

If being addicted to your phone is wrong then I don’t want to be right

I immersed myself in conspiracy theories for a week because maybe they’re onto something with this lizard thing

When you open your mind to the unique kind of infiltration a conspiracy theory presents, even the most rational, politically aware, and educated individual can fall down the rabbit hole

Could Obama be Harvard’s next president?

The Boston Globe seems to think so

This campus carry activist is suing UMich so every student can carry a gun to school

‘Bring back firearms classes to public schools’

Yale ranked one of the top 20 schools in the world

It is ahead of Columbia but behind Cornell

These are the colleges doing the most for low-income students

According to a ranking by The New York Times

PSA to The Odyssey: Drug addiction is way more complicated than you think

A former addict and recovery organization founder explains why

Now that Miley has her shit together, let’s see what her boyfriends from ‘Hannah Montana’ are doing

It’s all pretty tragic tbh

Research says Instagram makes us ‘anxious, depressed, lonely and unfulfilled,’ but I could have told you that

I mean, groundbreaking

A Title IX lawyer explains how male students sue their schools when accused of sexual assault

‘They claim they’re victims of discrimination and the university’s process violates Title IX’

Well, this new video sure does make it look like Melania really fucking hates Donald Trump

I would bet he’s never washed his hands once

We spoke to one of the students organizing the walkout at Mike Pence’s commencement speech

‘We’re going to stand up for the vulnerable, for the poor, for the marginalized’

These students are freaking out because Nicki Minaj just paid their tuition

‘When I found out, I passed out twice and cried’

#TrumpBoysBreakTheInternet is back, and it is still so goddamn funny

People aren’t even mad anymore

If you major in Economics and Business, you’re probably a massive psychopath

Economics and Business majors are the ‘the darkest group’

Think you’re smart? Take this SAT test and you’ll realize you’re a total idiot

Were they always this tough?