Women are more addicted to their phones than men, says totally unsurprising research

From now on I’m using this as an excuse for why he won’t text back

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Women spend two more hours each day on their phone than men, according to a study from the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.

According to the results, men and women not only differ on what applications they spend more time on, the study also revealed that overall women spend more time on their phones than men.

The study surveyed 2,500 college students to observe whether cell phone habits differed between men and women.

Everywhere you go, whether you’re at a restaurant, on the subway, or even watching TV, you’re bound to see somebody on their cell phone. But have you noticed whether it’s men or women who are on their cell phones more often?

Women reported spending 600 minutes on their cell phones everyday opposed to men spending 459 minutes on their cell phones everyday.

Research states that women use their phone for social benefits whereas men use their phones as a source for entertainment and information.

The results also suggests that using cell phones for social reasons is more addicting than utilitarian purposes, which explains why women show more signs of cell phone addiction.

With texting being the most commonly used cell phone feature, women spend on average 105 minutes texting everyday while men spend on average 84 minutes texting.

Similarly, women spend on average 57 minutes sending emails while men spend on average 40 minutes sending emails a day.

The study states that the third most addicting application for users is Facebook and social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Women spend on average 46 minutes each day on social media while men spend closer to 30 minutes a day.

I’m just going to pretend like Facebook isn’t pulled up on my computer right now and that I haven’t been taking frequent breaks to text while writing this article.