Una Dabiero
Una Dabiero

Una is the youngest babe, but what she lacks in years lived she makes up for in extensive knowledge of every lip product Kylie Jenner has ever worn. She's dedicated, dogged, and psychotic in the sense that she's forcing us to include a line about how she would die for the Hadid sisters. "NOT figuratively, I mean it literally," she emphasizes. We love her even though she eats her bagels plain. Feel free to send her hate mail about it.

Here’s what your favorite doll growing up says about you

Girls who played with American Girl Dolls are curing cancer right now

Grab your red lipstick and some boxing gloves, it’s ARIES SEASON

You all have no filter but I LOVE that

Taylor Swift is sending concert tickets and gifts to Kanye West’s enemies

The snake queen is slithering her way into their hearts

Regina George’s character is completely different in the Mean Girls musical, and it’s not a good thing

This is how you make her 2018-friendly?

Azealia Banks claims Rihanna stole her ideas, music, and politics to make ANTI

Literally who fucks with Rihanna?

We talked to the guy behind Twitter’s Pop Crave, the ESPN of pop music

He opened up on his relationship with Cardi B, CEOs leaking stories, and stans stabbing him in the back

Since Abby Lee’s getting out of jail, let’s see what the Dance Moms girls are up to now

Hopefully none of them are forever scarred by years of abuse!

Shocking! Fifth Harmony has broken up, Camila Cabello spotted laughing in the distance

They’ve pulled a One Direction, are you surprised?

Gigi Hadid is trying to send a message to Zayn after he broke up with her, and it couldn’t be more obvious

Poor baby Gigi!

Kylie Jenner has officially OD’d on the injections… just look at these pictures of her INSANE new lips

Why, I’ve never!

Facials made of CUT OFF baby penises are the latest celebrity skincare trend

Not THAT kind of facial, lmao

Lili Reinhart looks like someone put Lizzie McGuire in a microwave in this Insta pic, and I’m gonna be sick

Hilary Duff, I am so sorry

We asked girls for their craziest, sluttiest, kinkiest school sex stories, and they did not disappoint

‘We were in my English classroom and he came on the desk’

EVERYONE is breaking up this spring and you can blame astrology

Hold on to your situationships, everyone

I can’t stop watching this video of a drag queen dressed as Elsa saving Boston from a blizzard

I can’t let this go

These are all the types of hot guys in the world, RANKED by desirability

If your crush isn’t #1, I honestly feel bad for you

BABE MARCH MADNESS IS HERE! We’re ranking hot-ugly guys, so come fight it out!

Come one, come all! We’re slandering Ed Sheeran today

This girl posted her blowjob ‘starter pack’ and I feel sorry for the penis she’s about to encounter

If you need this stuff… *long whistle*