Uni of York’s SU is raising up to £10,000 to build a statue of Long Boi in his memory

‘Help us remember our Boi’

The University of York’s Student Union is raising money to fund a statue of Long Boi, the uni’s famous campus duck who was recently confirmed to have passed away.

Over the past week, tributes have been pouring in for the UK’s tallest and most loved duck, including doughnuts, ChatGTP poems, a Long Boi club night, and a two minutes’ quack on Greg James’ BBC Radio One Breakfast Show in his memory.

Today, YUSU have announced that it is fundraising to “commission and install a to-scale memorial of our cherished Boi for all to enjoy”, and are accepting donations up to a maximum target of £10,000.

In a statement on Instagram, YUSU president Pierrick Roger said: “For many, Long Boi was much more than just a very long duck or just another University mascot. His 2’4” brought a smile to all of us, allowing us to see that it was okay to be a bit different, and for that we miss him already. He adorns our merch, features on our social media, and is a cornerstone of the community – his loss will be widely felt and we know he can never be replaced.

“His royal löngthness was the King of Campus West, the ruler of the lake, the pride and joy of students. We now need your help to remember him.”

He said that since the news of Long Boi’s passing, the su have been “inundated with requests from students and the wider Long community to preserve the memory of Long Boi for all past, present and future.

“We want to ensure that everyone, whether students, staff, or members of the Long community, can reminisce about times spent with Long Boi and continue sharing the joy of the Löngth with others for years to come.”

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To do this, YUSU want to commission and install a “to-scale memorial of our cherished Boi for all to enjoy”, are are collecting donations of up to £10,000 in order to do this.

On the fundraiser’s website, they said: “Long Boi was held in such high esteem by so many, and we want to make sure our memorial reflects this. £10,000 is our maximum target and will give Long Boi the best of the best. We know that that is asking for a lot though, so are proposing a tier system of fundraising.”

With under £1,000, YUSU will make a donation to a “good cause within the university”, whilst a total between £1,000-£2,000 will fund a memorial bench with a plaque in Long Boi’s memory. If more than £2,000 is raised through donations, it will fund a “bespoke statue” of Long Boi to be installed on campus.

All excess funds will be donated within the University, either to Mentally Fit York, “because of the joy Long Boi brought to our community”, or to a Travel Abroad Award in the form of a York Futures Scholarship named after Long Boi.

The fundraiser has already raised £189 in donations and will be accepting donations for the next 47 days.

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