Here’s which classic Christmas movie your York College would be

Derwent is obvs Nativity!

Everyone has their favourite Christmas film and whatever it is says a LOT about who you are as a person. If it’s The Polar Express you need to grow up, if it’s Die Hard you think you’re edgy and different when in reality you’re just boring, and if it’s Love Actually you have taste! So as everyone sits with their flatmates binge-watching all the classic Christmas films, we thought we’d end the age-old question of which Christmas film your York College would be:

Derwent: Nativity

Via Netflix

This film is good vibes yet chaos, which is also an accurate description of any Derwent flat party. I could definitely imagine a Derwmt flat going on a trip to see a baby be born and randomly flying to LA just because they felt like it. Definitely giving off the vibes of St Bernadette’s, I’m sure Derwent would happily fight anyone who might associate more with Oakmore School (Constantine).

James: Die Hard

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With all the rugby lads and close proximity to the sports centre, James likes to think they’re cool, sporty and little different, much like those who enter into the Die Hard debate and say it’s their favourite Christmas film. We hate to break it to you James, you’re a just a Christmas movie just like everyone else!

Alcuin: The Snowman

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Have you ever heard any noise whilst walking around Alcuin? Aside from the white noise of keyboards tapping, this college is very quiet, which is why it makes perfect sense that it would be The Snowman. The film is quiet, calming (read: boring) and probably makes an excellent movie to study to, ideal for Alcuin College.

Vanbrugh: Arthur Christmas

Via YouTube

Do you have a strong love or hate of Arthur Christmas? I’d imagine not. Similarly to Vanbrugh, this film is unproblematic and steers clear of any controversy. It’s a classic Christmas Day movie, and can be depended on to bring feel-good vibes, rather like the draw of V bar after a lecture.

Halifax: Love Actually

Via Netflix

Being the biggest college on campus, it is only natural that there are a million different storylines playing out at any given moment. However, in true Uni of York fashion, all these storylines inevitably overlap just like when you walk around Halifax and bump into at least two ex’s, a coursemate, a one-night stand and that random girl you added on Instagram after becoming friends in the Salvos toilets.

Wentworth: The Grinch

Via Netflix

Wentworth is full of post grads doing actual work so much like the Grinch, they also hate Christmas, but mainly because they don’t have time for festive fun amongst all their other deadlines.

Langwith: The Polar Express

Via YouTube

On the whole a fairly well-liked film and College, but those who hate it are very vocal about their hatred which sounds very similar to the Campus East versus West rivalry. As one of the oldest colleges in York, it just makes sense that Langwith would be a classic Christmas film, and The Polar Express definitely counts as a classic.

Constantine: Elf

Via Amazon Prime

Buddy the elf turning up to New York with no concept of the real world, seems oddly reminiscent of the Constantine girlies turning up to uni in their Fiat 500s only to be hit with the realisation that the rest of the world functions without having Daddy’s credit card on their Apple Pay. I’m sure they’d relate to the confusion that Buddy faces when they arrive at York.

Goodricke: any Hallmark Rom Com

Via YouTube

You’ll spend equal time convincing your friends that the movie you saw does exist, and that yes, it was actually really good. Hallmark movies always seem to be on TV each year, but no one really remembers them, as with Goodricke College: does it really exist, who knows?

Anne Lister: Nativity 3

Via YouTube

Wait there’s another Nativity film? You sort of remember seeing an ad for it somewhere but it’s mostly unheard of to you. The only people who are really invested in the subsequent Nativity films are children, just like the freshers are the only people invested in the new colleges on East.

David Kato: The Animated Grinch

Via YouTube

Not much to say in this one other than the film is very new and kind of irrelevant, much like the reputation of David Kato to anyone other than the freshers currently living there.

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