Here’s which York College all the 2022 I’m a Celeb campmates would be in

Because I’m still not over the fact that Mike Tindall used to work at York races

It’s safe to say that I’m a Celeb’s return to Australia after the pandemic has not disappointed. This season has served classics such as Matt Hancock traumatising the nation with his dance moves, as well as not washing his hands after touching bird shit- yes, the former Health Secretary.

The celebrities’ jungle journey is nearly at an end with the finale airing tonight and I’m not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to icons like Jill Scott and Owen Warner. Having watched this season religiously for almost three weeks, the finale will definitely leave a void in my heart.

With some of the contestants having previously attended University, it would be fun to see which college they would be in if they studied at York Uni instead- even though Oxford is obviously the only uni Matt Hancock would’ve considered.

Jill Scott: James

Lioness ICON Jill Scott would fit right in at sportiest college, James. Undoubtedly, she would be president of the woman’s football society and you’d most likely spot her at the Sport Village.

Despite her sporty lifestyle, Jill definitely wouldn’t shy away from a night out. Her chill personality would make her a regular at Thursday Flares and she’d be the first on the dance floor when Sweet Caroline starts playing. The success of her fake Lioness pre-match chant in camp means that Jill would be the one to singlehandedly initiate the drunken chants on the 66 on the way into town.

Mike Tindall: James

Joining Jill in James College would obviously be Mike Tindall. Mike is the framework for every rugby lad to ever exist so would naturally be president of rugby soc while at uni.

Like Jill, Mike would always be up for a night on the town, especially after admitting that his first date with Princess Zara was a bit of a heavy one. He’d definitely end up taking part in pub golf with Jill for a Wednesday night sport social, although he’d probably approach you in Salvos afterwards to tell you about his countless rugby injuries, including his lacerated liver. Gross x

Chris Moyles: Halifax

It was obvious that by week one, Chris Moyles was done with everyone’s shit. Preferring to stay out of the drama, Chris would probably enjoy the remoteness of Halifax College.

Being in Halifax would also provide Chris with a healthy distance away from the trials after only bringing back one star in his disastrous trial attempt. I don’t think Chris would’ve minded being a ten-minute walk away from all the drama when his campmates had to eat CROCODILE FEET for tea because of him.

Chris gives me the energy of someone who you’d see in one seminar at the start of the year and then never again. Don’t blame him tbh.

 Babatúndé Aléshé: Vanbrugh

Comedian Babatúndé Aléshé would love being in the centre of the action in Vanbrugh. His funny and extroverted personality in camp gives off the same energy as that one friend who randomly knows everyone, so he’d probably enjoy living in the hustle and bustle of Campus West. Being around more colleges would also mean that Babatúndé would have more people to brag to about winning all nine stars that one time.

Vanbrugh is also where Comedy Soc’s shows are hosted, so this would be a convenient commute for Babatúndé. That one conversation he had calling out Matt Hancock’s wandering hands was enough to instantly place him as president of the whole society.

Seeing how Babatúndé thrived at the Jungle Arms suggests that he’d always be up for a night out and his good vibes mean that he’d get his whole flat out with him.

Seann Walsh: Langwith

Despite making a late arrival to camp, Seann Walsh was quick to admit that jungle life was not the one for him. I feel like Seann would be accustomed to the luxurious living of Campus East’s Langwith than sleeping on the floor and listening to Mike snore all night.

Like Chris, Seann tends to avoid any jungle trails, so Campus East provides him with a pretty good distance from the action. However, viewers have seen that he can’t resist a cheeky gossip by the creek with Boy George, so he wouldn’t want to be too far from the drama. The pair would likely be spotted bitching about their flatmates together at Glasshouse.

We all know that Seann does not stray far from a scandal so I’m sure he’d make it onto Langwith’s confession page once or twice. Although I’m not sure he’d be allowed to join Dance Soc after all that Strictly chaos.

Sue Cleaver: Alcuin

Mum of the group, Sue Cleaver, would probably love to be in Alcuin. Its location away from the centre of campus would mean that Sue could easily sneak into Morrell for a bit of peace and quiet after dealing with everybody’s drama back in the flat.

I don’t think Sue could care less which college she was in though just as long as she ended up on the same campus as her jungle hubby, Mike.

Charlene White: Alcuin

Journalist Charlene White would likely be in Alcuin College. Its convenient location next to the library would make it easier for Charlene to run and write up the goss as soon as possible after calling out Matt Hancock.

After refusing to sleep next to Matt in the RV out of fear that it might jeopardise her career as a journalist, Charlene would be incredibly dedicated to her studies at York Uni, so living so near the library would be perfect for all-day study sessions at the Morrell. Although she’d absolutely move into a different section of the library if she spotted Matt in there too.

While in Alcuin, Charlene’s skills in the kitchen mean that she’d be that lovely flatmate who often cooks for everyone. Hopefully her flatmates would be a bit more grateful for this than Boy George was x

Boy George: Wentworth

By day, Boy George would probably enjoy having somewhere chill to practice his meditation. Although his habit of causing drama wherever he goes means that by night you’d probably bump into him at a Derwent flat party. Here, he’d obviously be gathering gossip about everyone there and causing a scene by telling everyone about Hamilton.

If he ever fancied avoiding the drama for once then he’d join Yoga Soc and would instruct every yoga class to ever exist. I reckon Boy George would be a pretty good yoga teacher though, just as long as as the jungle Grot Yoga trial is left far behind in Australia.

Owen Warner: Derwent

Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner definitely gives me massive Derwent party boy energy. He’d be the life and soul of every flat party on campus.  After revealing in camp that he used to promote clubs to earn money while at uni, Owen would probably be at every Wednesday Salvos to ever exist.

Owen would probably be social sec for at least half of York’s societies and would love planning weekly night outs, although it would be hard to top the Jungle Arms trip.

Despite learning some cooking tips from Charlene, Owen’s love of food means that if he had to relive his experience then he’d definitely opt for the high-end living of catered accommodation. After his jungle trauma, it’s safe to say that Owen wouldn’t DARE miss a single college meal.

Olivia Atwood: David Kato

After being removed from the jungle after 24 hours on medical grounds, viewers can only speculate how Olivia Atwood would’ve coped in camp life. The fact that little is known about Olivia’s jungle experience means that she’d fit in at David Kato- York’s mysterious new college. Rumours have it that this college is pretty bougie though, so I’m sure Olivia would be right at home here.

Viewers were pretty disappointed by her sudden exit so hopefully she’s able to return to the jungle next season.

Scarlette Douglas: Goodricke

Much like Goodricke College, Scarlette Douglas was severely underrated during her time in camp, resulting in her being voted off the show far too soon. Calling herself the underdog of the season, it’s safe to say that Goodricke is definitely the underdog of York’s colleges with most students not knowing where it’s even located.

During her time at York Uni, Scarlette would always be the one hyping everyone up while getting ready for a night out. Her good vibes mean that she’d comfort you in the club toilets without any questions asked and would befriend everyone in the Salvos queue immediately.

Without a doubt, Scarlette would DELIVER on every dance floor in town- although manifesting that Matt Hancock never joins her again for this please.

Matt Hancock: Constantine

(Sorry to anyone who’s in Constantine)

Used to his bougie life of luxury, Matt Hancock would be most at home in Constantine.

The former Health Secretary wouldn’t be seen dead shopping in Nisa, so would get his weekly Waitrose shop delivered to him instead. Obviously he would get someone else to cook his meals for him, after his numerous cooking malfunctions as the camp’s head chef would result in him being permanently barred from the fancy Constantine kitchen. Matt Hancock managing to burn his campmates’ rice was a definite highlight of this season.

After revealing in camp that he almost had a career as a jockey, Matt would probably attempt to run for president of the equestrian society, although it’s debatable whether he’d get selected. I’m sure he’d LOVE Friday night karaoke at the Glasshouse, although hopefully York would issue a ban to prevent Matt from going anywhere near club dance floors.

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