Uni of York spent over £3k a day on buses for students housed in Hull last term

An estimated £230,650 was spent in total on transport from Hull

The University of York spent an estimated £230,650 on buses for students housed in Hull last term, York Vision found.

Around 200 students were housed in Hull after an accommodation shortage in York last term, The York Tab found at the time.

According to contracts with Acklam’s Coaches and East Yorkshire Motor Services, The University of York was spending over £23,000 a week, or £3300 a day, on coaches transporting under 200 students between Hull and York.

The service covered 22 daily bus journeys, 11 from Hull to York and 11 from York to Hull, with the earliest bus being 07:25 am and the latest being 02:00 am.

A Spokesperson for the University of York said: “We had a duty of care and responsibility to support our students who were temporarily accommodated in Hull, and this shuttle bus was a really important part of this.”

The University also discounted autumn term accommodation costs by 10 per cent for students based in Hull, which later increased to 25 per cent after pressure by students and YUSU.

This term, the students housed in Hull have moved into the new purpose-built accommodation in Anne Lister College on Campus East, which officially opened in January 2022.

As a result, their rent has doubled from around £70 a week, subsidised by the university, to £149 a week.

“The rent arrangements are now the same as for other students living in comparable accommodation on campus.” the university spokesperson said.

YUSU President Patrick O’Donnell said: “YUSU Officers worked hard to lobby the University for rent reductions for students based in Hull, as well as a free shuttle bus service.

“There are numerous areas of work underway to increase York’s student housing supply from September 2022.”

Following Anne Lister’s completion in January, the under-construction David Kato College, also on Campus East, is set to open later this year.

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