Fresher withdraws from York after sending racist and sexist messages to group chats

One message said: ‘She is used to my casual racism. I do it all the time’

CW: Discussion of racism and sexual assault

An incoming fresher has withdrawn from the University of York following racist and sexist group chat messages, The York Tab can exclusively reveal.

The messages were sent in York Freshers’ group chats and include comments about rape as well as mentions of “casual racism.” The messages, screenshotted by other members of the chat, can be seen below.

Racist messages in the group chat include: “She is used to my casual racism. I do it all the time” and “Do Asians have an Asian nose?”.

In a statement to The York Tab, the student apologised for his comments and said he will be withdrawing from the university. He said: “To everyone that I hurt in any way, shape, or form, I’m so sorry. I have decided to withdraw from study so will not be attending the university.”

In another group chat message, someone says they found a website that said they were worth “69 donkeys” and the fresher responds: “I thought you would be worth some kind of Asian animal”.

Leaked group chat screenshots. More can be seen below

Another screenshot shows the student offering to buy another “95 per cent gin”, after the other student says their alcohol tolerance is very high unless they drink gin.

To this message, another in the chat replied: “We don’t judge but don’t say weird things like that.”

Leaked group chat screenshots. More can be seen below

Other inappropriate messages made in the Freshers’ group chat include “Why havnt you looked at my tit pick” [sic] and: “I was in bed with my cousin watching babe station”. To this, someone replied: “Time and a place bossman”.

In another message, the student says: “It will only get worse with me”, before making graphic comments about his pet geckos and snakes.

Leaked group chat screenshots. More can be seen below

Images have also emerged of a private Snapchat conversation allegedly with the student, which includes statements such as: “I see a girl, and all I can think of is how easy it could be to kill and rape her. How she would just lie there. I’d be the one ruining her life.”

The message continues: “Scaring her into keeping it to herself for the rest of her life. Tearing her up from the inside. And then I snap out of it and I feel awful that I have thought about that.”

He then goes on to apologise and says “I wouldn’t ever do it to someone”, although questions if these thoughts make him a “monster”. “And if I am, how long until I hurt someone that I know”, the messages read.

Further screenshots show an admin of a group chat the fresher was in removing the student and instructing others to not add him back in. They said: “We want this to be a safe space and we don’t want him harassing more people.”

These messages have allegedly been reported to the university by several students in the group chat, and the student has since told The Tab York he has withdrawn his place at York.

When contacted for comment, the student apologised and told The York Tab: “The screenshot was from a conversation I was having with someone where I was talking about my mental health as I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for the past three years. I was explaining to them about my darkest thoughts that I hated thinking about.

“These thoughts happened at my lowest when I felt like I was being hated by everyone so I hated everyone back. I was working night shifts at the time so was feeling very isolated. The comments about rape are not who I am. It made me feel sick that I thought it. People that know me in person know I’m not anything like that.

He continued: “The comment about the 95 per cent gin, was me wording things wrong. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.

“I never meant to be harassing towards anyone. Had I known that people were being hurt, I would have apologised immediately. So to everyone that I hurt in any way shape or form, I’m so sorry.

“I have decided to withdraw from study so will not be attending the university.”

A spokesperson for the University of York told The York Tab: “We have been made aware of some deeply concerning messages sent to incoming students at the University of York. We are very grateful to all those who brought the matter to our attention, and we have taken appropriate action.

“We understand that these messages will have caused significant anxiety and upset to many. We would encourage any student who feels impacted by the situation to contact our support services. We are committed to tackling sexual violence and we would remind our students that they can report concerns through our Report and Support system.”

More leaked group chat screenshots:

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