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University of York launches Great York Walk to improve resources for mental health

The event aims to promote good mental health for staff, students, the local community and beyond

The University of York’s new charitable event, the Great York Walk, will take place on 12 October 2019 and is a 25 mile walk through historic York and the surrounding countryside.

How the walk will aid the University’s mental health scheme

The walk will support a charitable fund, called Mentally Fit York, which will raise money to promote good mental health for students, staff, and the local community.

The money generated from the walk will also be used to support Nursing Scholarships worth £2,000 in mental health at the university. As well as this, the funds will support various research projects to further understanding of mental health issues and support services available.

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time to get the hiking boots out x

The university has previously come under fire for its lack of mental health support services, with The Tab exposing it as the worst university for mental health satisfaction in 2017. All funds raised from the walk will be used to improve support services and resources available to students. as part of the university's pledge to improve student satisfaction.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Saul Tendler commented: “The Great York Walk is a health-driven outdoor communal event, which research has already started to show plays an important role in creating positive mental wellbeing. If we can, at the same time, raise some money for the future of mental health care, then we will have created a legacy that our local community can be proud of”.

The walking route

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The walk runs through many historical sites of York

The entry fee for walkers is a refundable £25, provided that a £250 fundraising target is reached. There are two route options, a 25 mile or a shorter 6.2 mile walk. The walk runs through areas such as Fulford, York City Centre, New Earswick and Rawcliffe, ending at Campus West.

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