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York is the worst uni in the country for satisfaction with mental health services

According to our 2017 Mental Health Rankings

York has received the worst score for student satisfaction with metal health services in this year's Tab Mental Health Rankings.

Figures obtained by The Tab also show that York spent less than £20 per student on mental health services, and only £262 per applicant – compared to a national average of £334.

Over 9,000 students completed this year's survey, which helped form the Tab's Mental Health Rankings 2017. York came 36th overall, out of the 47 universities included. Read the full rankings here.

This comes just one year after uni bosses pledged to invest £500k in mental health support, following an investigation into provision of the services.

The investigation was launched in response to five suicides at York in a year, thought to be the highest number ever seen in a single year at a British university.

According to a shocking report released by the university last year, 50 per cent of all ambulance call outs to the university were related to self-harm or attempted suicide.

Unsurprisingly, York came last overall in last year's rankings. The rankings, now in their second year, are the result of the only study in the UK to assess universities' ability to care for students with mental health issues.

They pull together information about how well universities fund their mental health services, how long students have to wait for help, and how satisfied students are with their university's mental health services.

The university replied: “We are concerned that the focus of this survey on counselling services alone does not fully reflect our investment in a variety of university-wide activities aimed at supporting students with their mental health.

“We have committed up to £500K in mental health support provision over the next three years and our investment has already seen more staff appointed to our Open Door team, enhanced training for academic staff, improvements to online and telephone services, and campus-based campaigns promoting student wellbeing.

“We are also taking part in the HEFCE Catalyst project in partnership with the University of the West of England, University of Cardiff and Student Minds, which is focused on local approaches to mental health, developing a sector-wide toolkit, and sharing best practice.

“We will continue to invest in mental health provision, working closely with our students’ union, our NHS colleagues and the City of York Council to provide the best possible support to our students.”