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York students take part in strikes for climate justice

Student societies united under climate justice

York students joined students from all over the world protesting in their own cities, in striking from their education and joining YouthStrike4Climate York in St Helen's square.

At 11AM on 15th March 2019, university students marched down Davygate with megaphones and banners calling for "climate justice."

This march including various university society members including "VegSoc" and students from "Extinction Rebellion."

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Second year environment students attending the strike

Whilst at the strike students shared their thoughts on why a student presence was required telling The Tab that, "It's important to show support and show that young people want this change."

Another student commented, "This is a chance for young people to have a voice and show the government and society as a whole it's something we all care about."

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Hand-made signs held by university students

Chants were led by YUSU Environment and Ethics Officers, Mark and Merry. These chants called for "power to the people" in facing climate justice.

A very large crowd assembled in St Helen's Square outside of Betty's Tearooms made up from students of all ages. There were also a number of speakers in the event including Merry and Mark themselves, younger college students and local MPs.

Patrick Thelwell, a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student at York, also attended the strike. A current candidate for the Hull Road ward, Patrick is standing for the Green Party. He and other students held a Green Party banner at the action.

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Patrick Thelwell, student candidate running for the Green Party, Hull Road ward

One student was asked on why it was necessary to miss university to attend the event "There's no point in having a degree if the planet is going to be destroyed, one afternoon of university work is not the same as being here."

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Student banners also referenced the University itself

Climate strikes in York mirror a pattern across the country of university students joining school and college students in striking for climate justice. Since the event a Facebook group "York Youth Against Climate Change" has been created, students are joining to keep up to date about any events or projects happening in the city.