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York’s Fittest Fresher: The Boys – Heat One

You spoke and we listened

We asked for your nominations for York’s Fittest Fresher & you’ve responded in your numbers. It’s time for you to decide the winner of the first heat. Take a look and see who your favourite is

Harrison Green

From: Guildford

Course: Economics

College: Vanbrugh

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: “Cheeky meal at Nando’s followed by a few drinks in a booth at Jalou, simple.”

Worth a try – Harrison is tipped to become captain of Vanbrugh College Rugby.

Rarely going home alone, he enjoys booze, birds and beating Derwent.

Finn Lacey

From: Bristol

Course: Music (We are singing his praises)

College: James

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: “A bite to eat then perhaps a bit of a boogie”

Described only as peng by mates.

Max Stafford

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From: Birmingham

Course: Biology (I bet he knows a thing or two ;))

College: James

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: “Getting smashed of cocktails at Evil Eye, followed by a cheeky kebab”

Jasper Wind Tordoff

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From: Leicester

Course: History of Art

College: Derwent

Relationship status: Taken (but, who doesn’t like a challenge?)

Perfect date: Romantic horse ride

When he’s not gap year-ing in Aspen, Jasper can be found in British pub ale in hand discussing the political actions and social climate of Great Britannia.

Ansgar Sutton-Branding

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From: Edinburgh (We do LOVE a man confident in a kilt)

Course: Biology

College: James

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: “Going for dinner then going to a bar”

Full time melt-er of hearts.

And there we have it, round 1. Keep voting to save your fave faces and stay tuned for las chicas x

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