York students outraged after bus prices increase again

Unibus would have never treated us like this

For the second year in a row, First Bus York have increased the prices of their 66 and 66a buses, and York students are NOT here for it.

The buses, which until the end of this summer were £1.60 for a single trip and £2 for a return (a rise from 2016/17 when a single was £1.50 and a return was £2), are now charging £2 for a single trip and £3 for what they call a "day pass," meaning it can be used multiple times throughout the day. There is no longer a return option, so if you want this you must buy the £3 "day pass" even if you will not use it all day.

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!!!You could literally get all the way to Leeds for the same price as going to town!!!

These new heightened prices are sparking outrage from students who have literally no other means to get from the university to York city centre besides walking or paying for a taxi. Many are blaming the university's sponsorship of First Bus for the rising prices, as their contract together ran the No. 44 Unibus out of business two years ago, giving First Bus a monopoly. First Bus know that the 66 and 66a are the ONLY buses from UoY to town, and as they no longer have the Unibus to compete with, they've been taking advantage of students by steadily raising their prices.

While First Bus York does offer "deals" for students, these have increased in price as well, and hardly go far in saving money. The "Student Your Bus Annual 66 Ticket" has increased over £100 pounds in the past two years, having been £99 in 2016 and £210 this year. Another "money-saving" option is the Yorkey Card that saves students only £2.

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Wow, what a deal!!!

There is really no reason a student bus needs to be £3. There is no reason it should even be £2. When the price raised from £1.50 to £1.60 we were all a bit upset but accepted it. But on the other hand, this is simply outrageous. We are not millionaires, we are students… how are we expected to be able to pay that much for a simple trip to town? The No. 44 Unibus would have never treated us this way.