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A goose interrupted a York open day talk, of course

Quite literally, a wild goose chase

Prospective students at the University of York's Open Day on Friday 29th June were surprised as a campus goose joined them for one of the talks.

The unexpected guest arrived in the middle of one of the student finance talks prompting laughter from the audience.

A picture of the goose was posted on Twitter and also later made its way to York confessions page Yorfess.

When asked about the incident Isabelle, who was attending the talk, said: "The extra staff tried to guide it out but the goose was having none of it and walked to the back of the room.

"The main speaker made a joke about how the situation was quite literally a wild goose chase. Everyone re-focused on the talk quite quickly and eventually a member of staff gently guided the goose back out of the door and there was a consequent round of applause from the attendees."

Back in 2016, a goose wandered into Nisa and had to be escorted out of the campus supermarket by staff.