What your choice of Brown’s sandwich says about your general vibe

We are all Egg Mayo and Bacon

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Beloved Brown’s of Heslington offers a wide range of sandwiches that do not disappoint. It is the sandwich shop we really do not deserve.

The Tab can exclusively reveal that your Brown’s sandwich choice might just say more than you think about your overall persona.

Roast Ham with cracked black pepper

This is the most obvious sandwich to choose, this says you are an average but classic York student. You like to keep your mum happy and you are very well liked in your friendship group but people still accidentally get a taxi without you. You are closer to your home friends than you are to your uni friends.

Hunters Turkey

You put 2 sugars in your coffee, and 3 in your tea. Your mum still does your washing.

Sausage and Relish

If the weather is alright, you are always trying to organise BBQs with your house mates or on the lawn in front of D-Bar. If it isn't raining you message 'BBQ?' on your group chat.

Beef Mayo with Spanish Onions

Though very tasty, beef mayo isn't an obvious combination. Let's start by saying that you are pretty middle of the road. Like your sandwich choice, you are neither edgy nor mainstream. You also post really unfunny Gifs to your group chat to be ironic.

Chinese chicken

You are a bit of a vague person and you like to order Domino's pizza. You like food that says it is adventurous but it really is just a shite version of the original.

Chicken Caesar salad

You think you are healthy because you'll only eat salads, you play lacrosse and have a Nutribullet. But you also smoke. Like the Chicken Caesar Salad, you are unhealthy disguised as healthy.

Lamb and Mint

You are a Rugby lad and ALWAYS buy two sandwiches.

Tuna and Sweetcorn

You wish you were vegetarian.

Turkey and Cream Cheese

All your sandwich choice says about you is that, you are so plain and safe that you need the constant reassurance that your sandwich choice will never be sold out.


What a healthy choice! You like courgettes on your pizza and your mum didn't let you eat chocolate as a child.

Egg Mayo and Crispy Bacon

You like your breakfast all day and your tinnies in the morning.

Turkey, Apple and Stuffing

Either you voted for Brexit or you're just a festive type of person that can't resist a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and an evening 'trick or treating' aged 20.

Chicken curry

Computer science is your subject of choice, you also order at least three takeaways a week, you don't cook because it is a waste of time. You watch Dragon Ball z.

Chicken Fajita

You play it safe and you are kind. You are in charge of your group, all group decisions are resolved by you. You also love going out for meals with the 'girls and boys'; often Nando's.

Beef Fajita

Like chicken (fajita) you are kind but you never play it safe. The group never listens to you and you always chunder on a night out. You also love memes.

Chilli Chicken

You like your food hot, you leave your deadlines to the last minute and you like kinky sex. You make everything a little bit more painful for yourself. Why have pizza by itself when you can drench it in Sriracha?

Cheese Salad

You are averagely funny, you can be often seen haunting Popworld, and downing a Vk mango with a straw. You love it when Mr Brightside comes in Salvos. You actually came to York for the 'Nightlife'.

Mexicana Cheese and Nachos

You eat whatever you like. You can eat a whole pizza and a slab of Dairy Milk every night however you remain stick thin and lanky.

Sausage and Chipolate

You are either in a really long term relationship or completely and utterly single, because this sandwich smell lingers on your breath (no kissing prospective lovers). However you are integral to any group's fun. You always loose odds on but you'll always do the forfeit cause you're just a good, loyal person.

Texan Chicken

You own a leather jacket and you have always wanted to go on a road trip in a Cadillac across the USA. You also smoke Malboro Reds.