Nominations are now open for York’s BNOC of the Year

It’s that time of year again

Last year saw Tron crowned BNOC of the Year 2015

But nominations are now open for 2016, and it could be you.

BNOC of the Year  is a prestigious annual award that’s more important than both the Oscars and the American presidential election combined and is given to the most well-known and distinguished name to grace the goose-poo ridden paths of York with their presence.

If you think they’re important, we want you to nominate them.

Last year, the UK’s most Yik-Yak famous Academic Officer Thomas Ron (Tron to fans and haters) scooped up the final prize, winning with a huge 56 per cent of voters. Anyone attempting to top such a feat will undoubtedly have their work cut out, but there are plenty of criteria that qualify someone for potential BNOC status:

What makes a BNOC?

  • EVERYONE KNOWS THEM – They may captain half of York’s sports teams, DJ at all the niche club nights and consistently get over 100 likes on every Facebook post. Literally everyone knows them.
  • THEY’RE INFAMOUS – The one who spewed on the dancefloor in Salvos after one too many jagerbombs, or the mystery Lecture room shitter from this year’s Roses. You may not know them personally, but you know their story.
  • YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE THEM OUT – How they have not been hospitalised or kicked out of uni you will never know.
  • THEY’RE JUST REALLY GREAT – They hold down 4 jobs, chair a ton of societies and have 24 different kickstarter project pages dedicated to their name. Even mentioning their name makes you feel like a worse person.

Last year’s champion with just a few of his adoring fans

If you know someone who fits all of the criteria, then fill out the form below: