What do other universities think of York?

Nobody actually cares about us


York is fairly new to the Russell Group game, and one of the younger universities compared to those near us in the league tables. We wanted to find out what those from other universities would say when they were asked their opinion of the University of York.

So we did. That’s the article. It’s quite illuminating.

Ned – University of Edinburgh

York seems to be OK. Part of it is like a floating island which is cool, and it has a massive bubble. Somehow it passes itself off as a collegiate uni, even though the colleges are called things like Derwent – sounds more like the noise uttered by a York student in a tutorial when asked a basic question. When I visited, I was plagued by what felt like ebola, but regardless had a great time.”

Conrad Young – University of Bristol

This guy just rates the shit out of himself

“New York’s jealous cousin, Old York is a fabled land of geese, puddles and extremely large churches (overcompensating much?) Any attempts by the university to amplify their aesthetics through proximity to those fine ass old buildings everywhere in the town were dashed when some genius decided to place the campus slap bang in the middle of some soggy fields. If you compared universities to domestic appliances then Bristol is the edgiest knife around while York is a mop.”

Temi Olugbenga – University of Newcastle

Lydia Watt is his friend. She also writes for the Tab. That’s the joke.

“It’s a good uni, very aesthetically pleasing, but the night life is shite and the uni’s credibility is diminished by Lydia Watt.”

Livi Pike – University of Leeds

The middle one

”I think York is probably filled with quite a few cobbled streets and it would be prettier than a lot of Leeds. I can imagine most of the people to like a good book and to be very friendly.”

Jake Sayer – University of Manchester

Still above Manchester in the league tables though

“York’s for those who are pretty smart, but not quite Oxbridge geniuses, who also value their social lives. Pretty good reputation for humanities too. Have heard however the campus is fairly horrendous – unlucky. It’s also no Manchester in regard to a night out.”

Zoë MacLeod – University of Nottingham

Pretty damn damning

“I would help… but I literally both know, and think nothing about York… I feel that this feeling is something that is pretty much shared by all my fellow Nottingham students… genuinely couldn’t even point York out on a map, it’s Northish, I think?”

Josh Bailey – University of Sheffield


“I agree with Zoe, I regularly forget that York is a university.”

Alex Grover – Durham University 

Brutally concise

“Isn’t that the place that’s always underwater?”

Hannah Tickle – University of Alberta, Canada

I’m guessing she has a friend there called Ed, as for Jasper I have no idea

“I hear there are really attractive guys there, namely anyone called Ed or Jasper. Also the city is beautiful and allegedly Willow (whatever that was) was great.”

Alex Millar – University of Birmingham (graduated 2014)

Yeah well you’re old

“Um, honestly…York just wasn’t on our radar in the midlands, I guess small and medieval…Vikings.”

Arielle T – University of Exeter

That looks suspiciously like a red rose to me

“People in York don’t seem to do any work, all their snapchats are over 100 seconds long and there’s lots of geese or ducks or something like that.”

So there you have it. Some were quite nice, some were quite nasty, and others were forced to admit that they had never thought about UoY until asked about it for the Tab.  At least we have blue trebles and a lake.
Interviewees compiled by Jasper Hart, Harri Brown, Melanie Winyard, Fred Millar and Lydia Watt.