Yik Yak introduces usernames so you don’t have to be totally anonymous

I hope the username ‘Your Mum’ isn’t taken yet

Yik Yak, the app everyone uses to passive aggressively talk about how boring their lectures are, has today moved away from complete anonymity.

The app has added the option to create handles, allowing users to post Yaks under individual usernames time after time. This optional feature will work similar to usernames on other social media apps.

The handles will take the place of reply icons which the company introduced last year. The reply icons doubled the amount of replies according to Yik Yak’s co-founder Brooks Buffington, and a similar growth is likely to be expected as a result of this feature.

I just hope the username ‘Your Mum’ isn’t taken yet.

Credit: Yik Yak

For the first time, users will be able to post and comment under their real name, if they wish.

In an interview with Mashable, Yik Yak Ceo Tyler Droll said: “Yik Yak’s always been about location first and anonymity second, and even with this introduction of handles, that doesn’t change, we’re just taking another step to allow users to form tighter relationships within their community.”

This is unlikely to stop keyboard warriors from abusing the app’s fundamental anonymity but will hopefully put a stop to such comments as, “sooo funny green compass!” or “preach it OP”.