Girls keep mistaking me for Zayn from One Direction

It’s the story of my life

There are certain perks to looking like a famous person, and these perks must be maximised if you look like a former member of the biggest boy band on the planet.

Second year PPE student, Phil Daneshyar, was mistaken for ex-One Direction member, Zayn Malik as he walked past the Black Bull pub on Hull Road.

Phil, who hails from Solihull and is involved with the entrepeneurs society at the University of York, tells The Tab about the trials and tribulations of being the pop sensation’s doppelganger.

‘Zayn’ posing with fans by the Black Bull pub on Hull Road.

What happened with the Snapchat picture of you getting mistaken for Zayn Malik?

I was walking down the road with a couple of mates dressed quite smartly and then some ladies who were sat in the Black Bull started shouting Zayn at me. After dismissing the stereotype of a tanned man with a quiff being mistaken for Zayn, I decided to just go along with it. I went over and they asked one of my mates to take a picture of us. They were a bit risqué and one took the opportunity to cop a feel (bare in mind it was about 11am on a Saturday).

How many times do you reckon it’s happened to you?

I don’t know, about eight or nine times. It happened a lot when I first joined sixth form, and then when I used to go out in Solihull too.

Phil takes the time on nights out to pose for pictures with his ‘fans’.

Do you enjoy getting mistaken for Zayn or does it wear thin after a while?

It was quite fun at first and it makes me laugh. One time I could not buy a drink because of people asking for pictures (alcohol does wonders) – so it can get a bit annoying I guess.

Do you like One Direction?

It was the first gig I went to. ‘I had to take my younger cousin’…

Were you distraught when Zayn left?

No. Finally I could get a good work placement as his spot was open.

Phil and the rest of the group enjoy making Midnight Memories in Revs just like the rest of us.

Do you light up the world like nobody else?

I live in a place that is so pure, so dirty and raw…so yes.

Does everyone want to steal your girl?

The story of my life, I take her home and drive all night…