Fake taxi drivers are targeting young women in the York area

No, not that Fake Taxi

Vulnerable young women are being targeted by fake taxi drivers operating in the city centre.

City of York Council has warned clubbers about the taxis which masquerade as private hire operators and have attempted to pick people up outside nightclubs.

Councillor David Carr, executive member for safer neighbourhoods said: “If you are approached by or believe an unlicensed vehicle is operating please don’t get in it. Unlicensed vehicles are not insured to carry passengers, they may not be roadworthy and drivers may not have passed a ‘fit and proper’ person test.”

Make sure your taxi is a real one

Fake taxis can be spotted if they fail to display any of the following:

  • “Private hire vehicle pre booked only” plates on the rear doors.
  • Maroon licence plates on the front and rear of the vehicle with a licence and vehicle registration number.
  • Genuine taxis will also have metres fitted.

One York student who bravely declined the offer of a lift from a fake taxi told The Tab: “After Phats I ended up heading home at 4am. It’s a two minute walk back to mine so I assumed I’d be safe. As I was walking this taxi driver slowed down beside me and asked me if I wanted a lift. He was quite persistent and kept asking.

“He seemed quite dodgy so I told him to jog on and keep it moving. Then I walked home super fast.”

Students can report any concerns to the SU.