Clubbers of the week

You know the drill

With essays and exams over, there really was no excuse this week. You all got drunk and spoke to that weirdo on your course who always talks too much in seminars and the person who ruined your non-stick pan in halls last year.

Here are the highlights.

Hotties of the week

The classic Revs photo


Creep of the week

Hmmm your hair smells nice…

Hero of the week

So athletic


I don’t know what this pose means but apparently its a thing

Sweatiest clubber

I don’t know whether to be impressed or shocked

Roadman of the week

‘Buy my clothes from Go Outdoors, nah that’s not me’…oh wait

Bear Grylls wannabes

‘Better drink my own piss’

Loneliest clubber

Just message the boys on the group chat

Most likely to appear on the Undateables

‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea for me’

Most romantic first-date location

It was love at first VK

Gangliest clubber

So many limbs

Lost Leeds student of the week

Far too wavey for York mate

Most impressive drink holding of the week

I genuinely don’t know how you’ve done that

Most in need of a new pair of jeans

I’m not sure your mother would approve