Student housing in York at severe risk of flooding

Authorities have warned 3,500 properties are at risk

The Environment Agency has issued a number of severe flood warnings across York likely to affect hundreds of student homes.

The areas at immediate risk are Tang Hall, the city centre, Osbaldwick and Foss Islands  – all of which have high populations of student housing.

Lawrence Street is also affected by the warning, as are areas just off Hull Road.

People in these areas were advised last night to “move valuables to upper floors and be prepared to be evacuated.”

Overnight, 300 to 400 people in the most affected areas were evacuated. Reports suggest that 3,500 homes remain at risk.

Image: @NPAS_CarrGate

Severe flood warnings are put in place when there is thought to be a danger to life – it is therefore suggested that people are not to take any unnecessary risks and are heavily advised not to walk through the flood waters.

North Yorkshire Police have, this morning, run out of “ROAD CLOSED” signs and further urge drivers and pedestrians to heed warnings and steer clear of the flood waters.

Until last night, the highest river level on record for the River Foss at Huntington was 2.91 metres, the level has now reached 3.14 metres. The typical range of the river is 0.68 metres to 2.05 metres.

The Tang Hall Beck has almost doubled its highest river level on record peaking at 4.62 metres. The previous highest level was 2.44 metres.

The River Ouse was also approaching record levels at the Foss Barrier (where the Foss and Ouse meet) last night peaking at 9.15 metres at 10pm.

However, since the Foss flood barrier has been raised, levels have now dropped to 4.81 metres, below the typical range of 5.05-7.90 metres.

A rest centre for residents affected by the floods in the Tang Hall and Huntingdon areas has been set up by the City of York Council at Archbishop Holdgate School.

YUSU have advised students to contact their landlords if they are concerned at being at risk. YUSU has also urged students affected by the flooding to get in contact with the Security Team on 01904 323333.

According to an Environment Agency spokesman, the worst is yet to come as York’s rivers aren’t set to peak until Monday.

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