Clubbers of the week

Je ne regrette rien

With deadlines looming, what better way to forget all of your worries than by getting shit-faced and snogging your flat mate.

Stunners of the week

Runners up

I wondered why they employed you

Heroes of the week

They’re on cloud 9 (sorry)

Creep of the week

You’ll be having nightmares about this bloke

Runner up

The sassiest Dementor ever

Mess of the week

What’s more tragic, the excessive dribbling or the failed attempts at facial hair?

Runner up

Eton messy

Best snog of the week

Such passion

Worst snog of the week

“You’ll be hearing from my lawyers”

Squat of the week

Squat goals

David Brent lookalike of the week

This just screams ‘inappropriate in the workplace’

Least likely to neglect the balls

Outstanding technique

Youngest clubber of the week


Couple of the week

Zed Bias and Fatboy Slim trading DJ secrets

Runners up

Do you even go here?

York parties – Photos by @Kluens

 Phat Fridays Photos by Hodge