Results: What is the worst thing about the University of York?

‘Like a moth to a flame or a prime minister to a pig-farm’

The results are in, your votes have been counted.

It’s the moment you’ve all not been waiting for and the winner is 9am lectures.

The bane of many a student’s life, a 9am can make or break your day. If you miss it you can count your day as a write off, a day to marinate in the guilt and vomit from the night before.

If you make it however, you join the heroes of your course – those in line for the coveted course-rep position and those who still haven’t got over their fear of clubbing.

A close second for the worst thing about the UoY is “yourself”.

Pleasingly a strong 16 per cent of you realised the twat you have become at uni is a far throw from the quiet, reclusive type that you were at home.

Wear the change in your personality like a badge of honour, keep pretending to listen to grime and keep winning dodgy eBay auctions for a roll neck sweater.

Unsurprisingly, last place goes to the takeaway outlets that have monopolised the streets of York.

However lost you get on your route back to uni, you will always be drawn to a kebab shop like a moth to a flame or a prime minister to a pig-farm.