Meet the second year boys who’ve created their own party app

One of them came up with the idea in the shower

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Most freshers spend their free time sleeping, drinking and partying, but three York second years decided to do all that while developing their own app.

Promoted in Goodricke and Alcuin during freshers’ week, EventFire provides an “events based social network, linked to location” – perfect for students trying to create the next Project X.

Max Cartwright, a second year Business and Management student, came up with the idea two years ago whilst listening to a podcast in the shower.

Let’s hope they’re better at apps than Photoshop

He said: “They were talking about Tinder’s location service, and how there’s a gap in the market for an events platform.”

“I figured ‘why not’, since two of my housemates knew how to code on both iOS and Android.”

His friends, Tom Strahan and Will Stenhouse soon got involved in the creation of the app.

The main features will allow students to see what is going on around them – personal events, society socials and YUSU nights.

Then, if one of your own events gains a lot of popularity, it’ll automatically send notifications to everyone in a ten mile radius.

Pretty cool if you want to voluntarily have your house trashed.

Party in my bed?

Obviously everyone shamelessly uses Facebook to organise their social lives, but the boys argue that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Max says: “Events get lost in your timeline, and it’s hard to find particular events if you haven’t been physically invited.”

“Plus, only students can use it because you have to link to it through a University, so you won’t get random locals turning up on your doorstep”.

Unless they’re coming to make a noise complaint, of course.

With this app you can party like them too

So far, the app has been pretty successful, attracting hundreds of views each day – and that’s just the quiet colleges.

The boys are looking to expand, and are hoping to link with YorkParties so that everyone can see who’s going each week, rather than the repeated event on Facebook.

Watch this space.