Second year launches petition over porters’ pay cuts

We’re all in this together

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A second year is petitioning against proposed changes to the working conditions and pay of college porters.

With roles ranging from replacing keys lost on a night out to directing us to well-hidden lecture halls, the porters act as the first port of call for campus residents with any problems.

The proposed changes, which involve wage cuts of 20 per cent for two-thirds of porters and allocating some permanent night shifts, have been criticised for being unfair and disrupting the porters’ work/life balance.

We weren’t allowed to take a picture of a porter, so this advertisement will do.

The Tab attempted to interview one of the porters, who said he had been instructed to say nothing about the changes.

“Nineteen years here and they kick you in the teeth” was the only comment we could get.

The petition was organised by James College resident Sara Alaseeri, who says: “Porters are the best part of living on campus – they are so helpful and are highly responsive to students’ needs.

“Supporting this petition is the least us students can do to pay them back for all their hard work.”

So far the petition has received over half of its target of 1,000.

You can sign it here