Say hello to Josh Kerr- York’s clubber of the year

He’s got great costumes

What was the highlight of your year last year? Was it finally sleeping with that really hot girl from Lacrosse or that 10/10 from your course? We’re in York so most likely not. Or was it finally getting selected for the University sports team? Again, we’re in York, so probably not .

The highlight of your year was most likely appearing on “Clubbers of the Week”, but imagine if you were featured more than once. Josh Kerr, a highly esteemed club photo connoisseur, has done just that, and has been featured more times than we can count.

I caught up with the pint-sized Derwent second year to find out what makes him tick.

“These photos just sort of started happening. I find the concept of solo club photos the funniest thing in the world. They’re hilarious.”

“I wouldn’t say I’ve planned any of them. If there’s a photographer I know I’ll get a photo but I have no idea what its going to be. And you just hope something ridiculous comes out.”
“Its all off the cuff. The alcohol helps the spontaneity though.”
“I DJ in the ‘money suit’ under the pseudonym ‘DJ Money Man’. That’s all just good fun. I’m not going to say I’m a good DJ. I would say I’m bang average at best. It’s Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl followed by Come on Eileen. If you were on the top floor of Salvos, it could be me or the normal guy and you wouldn’t know the difference.”

He’s currently Sports Editor and Assistant station manager at URY and presents the ‘York Sport Report’, Thursdays 6.30-7pm and ‘Mikey and Josh Get Ready For The Weekend’, Fridays 6-7pm.

When asked about URY Josh said: “It’s why I came here.”
“I started jokingly saying I’ll make a calendar. But as I’m a man of my word I got 100 printed and I’ve been giving them out to friends and family. They’ve been received surprisingly well, bearing in mind its 12 pictures of me, just me, in a club, pulling a silly pose.”

 Next time you see him out in York, ask for a calendar, I hear he has loads left.