Derwent fresher stabbed in scam attack speaks out

“I told him that if he wanted my stuff, why doesn’t he come and take it”

Getting stabbed while trying to save a screaming women and walking wounded for nearly 15 minutes to get help, this first year is as heroic as they come.

And he’s got 16 stitches to prove it.

Bad-ass fresher Luka Dzagania was attacked in Brighton last year after he was lured into a dark alley by a mugger.

MMA enthusiast Luka told The Tab: “I heard a woman screaming, apparently being dragged away by some guy.”

He added: “Before discovering it was actually a scam, I was led into a dark alleyway and the bloke said he would take all my valuables off me, including some family heirlooms, which I wasn’t happy about.

“Tensions were rising and it escalated into a knife fight. One way or another I proved to be the better challenger and I knocked him over…I was worried that he had died – the woman asked if he was alive and I said I wasn’t sure.

“He jumped up and ran off with the woman, screaming at me and calling me a psycho. I started chasing him but then I felt the pain in my arm, and then I saw blood and bone.”

Luka was then forced to walk nearly 15 minutes with his arm in shreds.

The first year continued: “My House Master was supposed to be in attendance as I was being questioned by police, so my arm was being sewn up in front of him.

“I had to walk back to school in a hospital gown, because my clothes were taken for evidence. I had 16 stitches in total, 8 in my hand and 8 in my arm.”

The Derwent first year is originally from Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. He said: “The culture in Georgia is friendlier; people feel more related to each other. I still have friends in both places.”

Luka admitted he had been involved in “a few brawls” since starting uni last year.

Ladies – your knight in shining armour (or grey cardigan and scarf…)

He confessed: “A drunken night out in York always ends in a fight. Most of the fights start from me being a gentleman and protecting girls”.

When asked if he’d ever been rewarded for his heroic efforts, he laughed. Perhaps he doesn’t kiss and tell.

So if you’re ever out at Kuda on a Tuesday and things start to get a bit heated, look out for Georgian Luka – he’s got your back.