Tab election poll: Over a third of York back Labour

Millibae <3


A significant 34 per cent of people at York are planning to vote Labour tomorrow, our Tab poll reveals.

The Tories’ long term economic plan is convincing 30% of you who plan to vote blue and keep Davey C in power.

16 per cent of you are in touch with your inner eco-warrior and seem to think the Greens would be best in the top job.

Hell yes

8 per cent you have delved deep into your hearts to overlook that broken promise on tuition fees and are going to vote Lib Dems and the forever-apologising Nick Clegg.

Not far behind, our poll revealed 4 per cent of you will be backing the ever troublesome UKIP.

5 per cent of you still haven’t got a clue which box you’ll be ticking tomorrow, and 3 per cent of you don’t care and won’t be voting at all.

60 per cent are voting in York this week, while 37 per cent of you are voting back home under the watchful eye of mummy and daddy.