We asked YSJ what they thought of UoY

They didn’t hold back

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After the War of the Roses has been won and celebrated, you would assume that any university rivalries in the North had been settled for another year.

But a local derby that has been raging on for years is as brutal as ever. Which was obvious when we handed our precious whiteboard to YSJ students, and asked them for their honest opinions of UoY.

David, Computer Science, first year

74% of answers from YSJ students were negative, 22% of answers were neutral and the remaining 4% of anwers were relatively positive.

Stephen, Sports Science, second year

Of the women asked, 80% gave a positive responce. Not sure if YSJ girls are too polite or UoY lads are doing something right.

Jessica, English Literature, second year

74% of answers alluded to UoY students being somewhat arrogant, after all, try spelling UoY backwards.

Ben, Media Studies, first year

Among some of the more random answers we had “cold”, “naive”, “unemployable” and “males – tits, Females – noice.” Make of them what you will.

Matty, Creative Writing, third year

Of the 32 people asked, 15 had interesting and often far, far too detailed stories that involve UoY students. These ranged from Yik-Yaks, nights out and unsuprisingly, nights in.

Georgia, Music, second year

“During my first year, I met a bunch of them in McDonalds.

“Stopping off for a bite to eat during their Freshers festivities, they were all dressed as deities from the Graeco-Roman pantheon.

Apparently, ‘Where’s Wally’ stripes are below them.”

Ollie, History, second year

“I met a guy in Salvation smoking area who was asking for a smoke saying he couldn’t afford one. I took pity and gave him one, he ended up buying me drinks all night because of it.”

Mark, English Language, third year

“After working in a bar, Tuesday nights were horrific, frequently the toilets would be covered in sick and tissues because they couldn’t handle their drink.

“There are however some lovely UoY students, but sadly they are over-shadowed by the majority.”