Why is The Courtyard chicken burger not a burger?

Oki would be horrified


After a whole morning of boring lectures, all I want is to devour a good chicken burger with a pint of diet coke. 

But no.

Instead I am faced with three chicken goujons sandwiched in a roll.

Why list chicken burger on the menu if you do not, in fact, serve a chicken burger?

Seriously Courtyard, what’s the deal?


I just don’t understand. I’m sure some people will have no complaints about this but my point is if I wanted a chicken goujon sandwich, I would have ordered one.

And they’re essentially glorified nuggets; they should have some kind of discounted price as they are actually a kid’s meal.

Now don’t get me wrong, the rest of your food is top-notch and definitely worth the price which makes this all the more confusing.

To put this into perspective, if I opted for the beefburger would you give me a sauceless meatball sandwich? No, you would not.

Similarly, if I ordered a panini I wouldn’t expect it to arrive chopped into small bitesize pieces. It’s the same principle.

Please sort it, Courtyard. The prospect of a chicken burger for lunch might just make that 9am seminar a bit more bearable.