We asked you when you last had sex….

Turns out you’re a randy bunch

We went around both Heslington East and West campuses to find out how long it’s been since you got laid, and it turns out that playing the field is working out well – for most of you, anyway.

Unsurprisingly, the lads were a bit more willing to divulge their sexual history to us, especially when in the presence of their mates. How noble. Some of the girls, however, needed just that little more persuasion to spill the beans, but eventually they were convinced.

Only two of those asked turned out to be in relationships, whilst the rest were definitely embracing the single life.

First year, Law

Second year, Economics

First year, Criminology

Second year, History of Art

First year, History

First year, English Language and Linguistics

Days? Months? Years?

First year, Biology

First year, Psychology and Education


Second year, Philosophy

First year, English and Related Literature


If there’s anything we can take from this extensive research, it’s that York students have exceptional pulling skills.

Keep up the good work; we’ve got a reputation to uphold.