Don’t worry, employers want us

Who wouldn’t?

All those 4am library sessions, the bad bowels from too much energy drink, and the zombie-like expressions for the past few weeks haven’t gone unnoticed.

The HighFliers report in The Graduate Market in 2015 ranked York as one of the top Universities when it comes to employability.

Well done us.

We’re better than most

It hurts to say we’ve been beaten by our neighbours at Leeds and Sheffield, we’re still firmly set at number 21 and comfortably above Cardiff and Leicester.

Quelle surprise, graduates from Cambridge and Oxford are up there in the top 10, (that’ll inflate their egos more), but even they’ve lost out to Manchester, Nottingham and Warwick.

40% is still a pass you know

It could be worse – St Andrews and Aberdeen didn’t even make the final cut. Sucks to be them.

So relax and let yourself celebrate that 40 per cent, because you’re practically guaranteed a job at the end of it all.