Sextortion: ‘Woman’ secretly films three York students performing sex acts in online scam

The videos were used to blackmail them

A ruthless scammer blackmailed three male York students after secretly recording them masturbating. 

The vile imposter tried to swindle the men out of £3000 each by threatening to upload the videos to YouTube if they didn’t shell out the cash.

Now police in York have issued an urgent warning about the online sextortion scam.

The victims were contacted by manipulative “Cathy Wong” on Facebook and then invited to Skype. The men were encouraged to perform a sex act which was recorded without their knowledge or consent.

The con artist later contacted the unconnected men claiming her grandmother was ill and asked each of them to send her £3000.

“She” threatened to upload the videos when they refused.

Police believe it to be part of a worldwide scam but confirmed this is the first reporting of it in York. Detective Sergeant Rebecca Dyer of York CID thinks “Cathy Wong” may be part of an organised criminal gang.

She is urging people, especially students, be wary and contact police if they are targeted. She said: “This scam is causing considerable distress to the victims and I urge anyone who uses any kind of social networking site to be very wary of what they are getting into.

“I am concerned that there are other victims of this scam who are too embarrassed to come forward about what has happened.

“I urge them to please get in touch with the police. Your information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and with sensitivity. Please do not suffer in silence.”