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These are the most Instagrammable places in Leamington Spa

Who doesn’t want these likes?

Leamington Spa has been voted the happiest place in the UK and here some reasons why it should also be considered the most aesthetic place. Want to prove it to your mates at other unis? Here are the best places to show off Leamington Spa on your Insta feed.

Coffee Architects

This place is probably the first go-to for your Sunday brunch. You probably have seen the avocado smash picture on your feed many times before but once your plate arrives you can't resist snapping a quick pic.

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Smack's wall

Who goes to Smack and does not take a picture on the wall? Even if it's already been covered to death, you're smashed and you take it. If you're lucky it'll look good, but it's not a safe bet.

Jephson Gardens

Because every Insta feed needs some natural landscapes and this is where you'll find yours. With the lake, trees and geese, it's the perfect mix to get a candid pic.

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Starting from the terrace and the canal to the fridge door, this place seems like it wants to erase South Leam's stereotypes with a hipster look. No, South Leam is not only Viallis.

Banksy's street art

Whether it's real or not, we have some thrilling street art in Covent Garden (next to Coffee Architects) and Gloucester Street (next to the Church). No need to go to Berlin to get the artsy look on your feed.

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