Why you should never, ever move to Leamington

No seriously, don’t bother

There is no greenery

"When and where did we go cold? I thought I had you on hold." ☄️ #Thexx

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None whatsoever

? Taken back in June 2016 ?

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And what’s up with the wildlife?

It’s a jungle out there

The scenery is also dreadful

Why would anyone want to look at this?

The architecture is terrible

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It’s totally full of ugly buildings

Rare sighting of a pretty Leamington neighborhood #vscohub #architecture #instadaily

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The cafés are absolutely appalling

Just one of everything please ?

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Seriously, can’t a girl find a decent brunch place in this town?

Get in my Buddha belly

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Changing my Insta theme to bagels sorry folks

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There is no decent place to get your drink on

Beer garden ?☀️ #Leamington #beer #beergarden #bedfordstreet

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Phenomenal ginning @georgeydollar #gin #gandt #brockmansgin #fizzymoon #blueberriesnshit

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And the nightlife is terrible

The only way to start the year right

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Switch x @akwizzle hahaha #switch #lasers #colour #heyakwasi

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Nights out are just so boring

That's what Warwick students learn ????

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Even the tab knows

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Just don’t bother with this place