Some bellend crashed their Ford Focus outside Warwick Sport’s Centre yesterday

Nick Swain took this photo

We all know that the road works on campus have made driving around University a little bit difficult since the start of term two, but it seems that some people are struggling more than most.

This creative bit of parking was spotted just outside the sports centre on Friday morning.

Nice one, mate

Nice one, mate

The collapsed bollard to the right of the abandoned car indicates that the Ford Focus has hit it with a great deal of velocity, and carried on into the bushes.

Perhaps even taking a run-up, the driver was obviously confident two feet of reinforced steel would prove no match against the tank-like Focus.

This evidence has lead several onlookers to conclude that the driver of the Ford Focus was a moron.


Warwick campus is being reconstructed so heavily that parts of the Uni are starting to look less like a prestigious academic institution and more suburb in northern Baghdad.

With the chaos showing no signs of relenting, one can only speculate how many more Ford Focuses these renovations will claim.