Goodbye Dear Deidre: Say Hello To Warwick’s New Agony Uncle

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your problems? Dante Fierro is here to unburden you…

Claire Rayne, Dear Deidre, big old Vanessa Feltz… We’ve all heard of them.

The old women who sit behind their computers advising men with premature ejaculation, girls who have asymmetrical breasts and people who have fallen in love with anime characters.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if this was quite a common problem for Warwick students…

The Tab is now introducing its very own Agony Uncle, Dante Fierro, who students can contact anonymously to ask about any problem, however big or small, amusing or serious.

This is the first of many articles, solving one issue at a time for the students of Warwick.

So enjoy…and of course sympathise. These are genuine problems from students, so all get writing, and Dante will give you the D perspective:

Hi Dante Fierro, I met my girlfriend during the first couple of days of Freshers and she only lives in the block next to me. We have sex a lot and we are still in the honeymoon period. However I have recently walked in on  her masturbating twice now. What shall I do? Am I bad in bed?

Firstly, knock. No matter who it is, girlfriend, best friend, your parents… you should always appreciate that people are entitled to their own privacy.

Masturbation is a very private practise that should be appreciated as an act that is unique to each person. You shouldn’t be worried about your performance in bed at all.

I’m sure you choke the bishop from time to time yourself and it has no reflection on how you perform in the bedroom. Talking about masturbation, have you read John Bennett’s article on fleshlights?

Do not worry yourself about your sex life and if you have a trusting and loving relationship with your girlfriend then you should not be hesitant to tell each other personal things and therefore not worry about secrets.

And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with asking her if she wants a helping hand…

Lots of love,


Please feel free to write in anonymously with a problem – either comment below this or email us at [email protected] – we must stress that it will be completely anonymous! Let as many people know that Dante Fierro is here to help.