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21 things you should never do in Hartley Library

On behalf of all Soton students, don’t be this person

Man due to appear in court this morning after body found on Southampton Common

The body was found near Cemetery Road by the Common on Saturday

Soton lecturer arrested on suspicion of keeping a Polish builder as a ‘slave’ in garden shed for four years

The man allegedly had no flushing toilet and was forced to work for food

Titanic 2 to set sail from Southampton in 2022

I guess this is take two?

Here’s what it’s like being LGBT+ in Southampton

You are in a safe space with lots of support systems here

The undisputed best Southampton day trips

Eventually your body will need a break from the alcohol so here are some wholesome things to do instead

19 things you’ll only truly understand if you lived in Highfield halls

Yes, it does exist

Another assault has occurred in one of Southampton’s public parks

Are Southampton’s parks safe?

Britain’s Got Talent is coming to Southampton!

Get ready

Fire breaks out on The Common

Firefighters rush to the scene

Review: Showstoppers’ Mr. Grin

Showstoppers’ latest comedy-musical was simply unmissable

Everything you said you were going to do this year in and around Soton, but haven’t

And probs won’t

How to know if memes have officially ruined your life

Cry reacts only

10 things that you know to be true if you’re the messy friend

‘I did a thing’ is your most used phrase

Fake Instagram accounts or ‘Finstas’ are becoming the secret social media craze

“I just post what I want”

Uni Kebab has won an award

Chicken donner anyone?

32 things you can do instead of your assignment

Because actually doing your work is for losers

There is a BBC sexual consent workshop taking place tonight on campus

BBC3 are making an episode dedicated to sexual assault