32 things you can do instead of your assignment

Because actually doing your work is for losers

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1. Tidy your bedroom

2. Make some TASTY food

Treat yourself to the meal that you deserve

3. Take the bins out

Because no one else will bloody do it, will they?

4. Put a wash on

5. Watch an entire series on Netflix

That's a REAL achievement

6. Memes

Tags for days

7. Try to lick your elbow

8. Paint your nails

9. Try on all the clothes you never wear

10. Try on the all the shoes that you never wear

11. Try on all the shoes and all clothes that you never wear at the same time

12. Have a go at a really difficult looking makeup tutorial

It can't be THAT hard

13. Practice writing your signature

14. Look at yourself in the mirror for, like, a really, really long time

The aim is to stare until you don't really recognise yourself anymore

15. Stalk someone on Instagram

16. Just be really annoying

17. Pretend that you're a beauty guru doing a daily vlog

So, like, today guys, I'm just planning on having a really chill day, getting some work done – y'know…

18. Lie on the floor for a little bit

It's comfiest on the carpet

19. Take a picture of yourself with every single snapchat filter

20. Go for a walk

21. Have a fake argument in your head

Bonus points if you win

22. Stare purposelessly into space

23. Recount every embarrassing thing you've ever done in extreme detail

Not quite as painful as referencing!

24. Watch a tonne of conspiracy videos on YouTube

Stay woke, boys

25. Pretend you're being interviewed on The Graham Norton Show

You've gotta be prepared for when that day inevitably comes

26. Rearrange all the posters and pictures that you have up in your bedroom

Interior design is your true calling in life

27. Have a little dance by yourself

28. Make a quality 'concentration' playlist on Spotify

That will make you feel productive for sure

29. Take a nap

30. Try to contour your stomach so it looks like you have abs

A valuable skill

31.Get Drunk

32. Cry

Sometimes you've just gotta