Fake Instagram accounts or ‘Finstas’ are becoming the secret social media craze

“I just post what I want”

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Do you have a second instagram account – a 'finsta' (fake-insta)? If not, you may consider making one after reading this.

Instagram is a platform that show off users living their best life – holidaying, brunching, clubbing, gyming – you name it. We all know that this can be a tiring upkeep. Especially when the reality is you haven't had a good night's sleep in 3 weeks, you opt for comfort over style in your daily wardrobe choices, and you live somewhere it rains (or snows) 90% of the time.

However, do not fret – there is a solution! Create a second, private instagram account; only accept followers that are your nearest and dearest in order to build a trusted, exclusive 'finsta' community; and (this is the craziest part) post about your real life. To remain anonymous to the public, simply pick an unrelated username and a random display picture and you're good to go.

There are no rules. No 'code of condutct'. You do not have to wait till a certain time in the evening to post in the hope of receiving more 'likes'. You can post once, twice, fifteen times a day and no one will care.

Here are some of the best bits about having a 'finsta'. You can…

Vent your frustrations

Share your late night thoughts

Stay in the loop

Learn the latest gossip

Contemplate social norms

Reveal your more controversial opinions

…and just about anything else! I spoke to a couple 'finsta' users in the Southampton area and here's what they had to say:

Would you say your 'finsta' reveals the 'real you?'

"Kind of, I just post what I want and I don't care what I look like or what other people think."

Would you reccomend creating a 'finsta' to your friends?

"I would because you can share your funniest moments without having it to post it publicly."

It is clear that 'finstas' knock our social media personas off of their pedastools. Life's simple pleasures can be appreciated (such as nice weather or a decent lie-in), and daily dilemmas don't have to be face-tuned to perfection.