19 things you’ll only truly understand if you lived in Highfield halls

Yes, it does exist

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If you've lived in Highfield halls before, I'm sure you'll agree on the following as the ultimate list of Highfield-isms that define the place we all know and (most of us) love. For everyone else, enjoy this small insight into the daily lives of your part-catered pals.

Yes, it does exist

If you had a pound for the number of times you had to say to someone “Yes, it does exist” or “no, it isn’t actually on campus” then you could’ve paid off your student loan already.


You put on at least a stone in the first term cause those cooked breakfasts were too damn good. Even if the eggs were rubbery, it was better than a bowl of soggy Shreddies any day.

Carbs, carbs, carbs

By the end of the year you were sick of carbs. Yes, they’re cheap and fill you up, but never again should potatoes be served with rice and noodles on one plate.

Hmmm, brunch

It was a good Saturday when there was chicken done three ways for brunch.

The common

You almost definitely took the common for granted. It was two mins away yet you probably rarely visited.

Hallway pres…

…were very much a thing.

So close yet so far

The fact Highfield campus was a six minute walk away (and Avenue even closer) probably meant you probably should go to your lectures, but it seemed like it made them easier to miss. "I'll leave in a min" was always your downfall.


Wearing the "Hi" t-shirts during Freshers' Week seemed like a pain when everyone assumed you were some kind of welcoming committee, however you soon accepted the fact it was a right of passage.

Washing tactics

Trying to time your washing when nobody was using the machines seemed waaayyyy harder than it should have been. To be honest, washing was usually a last minute thing so you probably could have planned that one better.

Social Sainsbury's

The walk down to Sainsbury’s for your weekly shop turned into the biggest social event as you met almost everyone you knew on the way up or down.

Easy Access

You could never figure out if the ease of getting into the halls was a good thing or a bad thing. When it was cold, and you were in a rush, it was the best. Until you saw the two electronic gates they have at Mayflower and decided that maybe security could be a tad better.

What cooking?

Your cooking skills were practically nonexistent cause you had everything made for you. Tuna pasta was a staple for weekend evenings.

Tiny kitchens

If you were unlucky enough to be assigned one of the tiny kitchens, you never tired of complaining about it. In your defence, they are pretty much the size of a shoebox.

The showers

The showers were always a hassle when someone didn’t realise you were in there and turned the light off after they went to the toilet. When you were stood in the cubicle in complete darkness, the Psycho flashbacks always began.

Food credit

It was way too exciting when you were gonna miss dinner, so could spend £7.50 at Avenue or Highfield cafe. Three cookies? Yes pls.

Computer room?

You were aware there was a computer room somewhere, but you could never seem to find it (or open the door if you did manage to stumble across it).

Mysterious stains

You just kind of accepted the weird stains and food items found dotted around the place.

The guys at reception were actually great

They saw you running out the door at 11:22pm chugging vodka in an attempt not to miss the last U2 bus to Ocies. They also saw you crawl over to the canteen in your dressing gown the following morning for breakfast wearing last night's makeup. But, alas, they never judged, even when they handed over the 7th ASOS parcel you'd received that month…

We all loved it really

At the end of the day it was pretty great. And after all, you’d rather be at Solent then Glen Eyre, right?


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